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How To Overcome Stinking Thinking?

Has your negative thinking kept you from moving forward in your vision? Does negative thoughts keep reminding you of the failures and mistakes of yesterday? Negative thinking can convince you that you can’t live an effective life because you have been in a negative situation for too long. Negative thinking can make you feel that you can’t be successful, you can’t…

Keep Your Eyes on Your Prize

When you are in pursuit of your God designed vision, you must keep your eyes focused on your prize. The prize is the goal that God has set before you to accomplish. The journey maybe a difficult one, but if you keep focused on your prize, you can win. You can walk in victory. You can do everything God assigned you to do. Today is your day to take hold of your prize.

Why Is It Important to Define Core Values?

To become effective in your life’s journey you need to identify and develop clear and concise core values. Your core values are central in defining who you are, what you do and where you are going. Once defined,they should guide you in every aspect of your life. When you make a conscious decision to follow your core values you cannot be easily persuaded by anyone or anything to live against them. It is these core values that determine what is really important to you as an individual.

Why Elite Athletes Seek Strategic Feedback

Coaching occurs in a variety of ways. Elite athletes already know how to optimize feedback. Learn what you can do now to become a high performing athlete.

What Goes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around…. seems to be used more as a self-serving cliche to help us get through negative life experiences with people. Have we considered it in its entirety, regardless of a positive or negative experience, just as what life seems to be, cyclical in nature.

Learn From Your Mistake

We all make mistakes, we have to learn from them. Sometimes we have trouble moving on after a mistake was made. These tips will help you along the way.

Never Had It – How Can I Imagine It?

Recently I had a question come across my desk stating that ‘the law of attraction suggests that I should put myself into the feeling of having what I desire – that is, a loving and supporting relationship (for me at this moment). But I never had that. How can I imagine it? I don’t know how it feels. Fabulous question!

Life: The Next Step

“What we do in life ripples through eternity” Marcus Aurelius. We are at a fascinating time in the evolution of this planet and I am honoured to be here right now.

You Persist, You Will Prevail

How long will you stick with it? How long will you put up with all the work and struggle and pain? How long will you persist? Great question that so many successful business owners have to deal with. How long do you keep going? If you are still going, then you have persistence and you will prevail. So many never make it in business for this simple fact. You see it is so much easier to quit. It is so much easier to just stop and get a job. It is so much easier to find something else to do. But the real entrepreneur, he or she is still going for they know success will come. They know that if you persist, you will prevail.

To Everything There Is a Season

Kipling’s exhortation to “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run” seems too close to describing the rat race to serve as a model for the cycles of life. Lifting our vision to a longer cycle, even the cycle of the seasons, may bring us a greater measure of mental health.

Hypnosis Books: Get To Understand What Hypnosis Is All About

Hypnosis is carved from the name Hypnos, an ancient Greek god name. Did you know that James Braid, a Scottish surgeon was the first man to introduce the name hypnosis?

Are You a Self-Help Junkie? – 8 Signs That You May Be One

We live in an information packed world and while this has it’s benefits, it’s also keeping people away from living their own lives. Not only do we have information addicts, we now have self-help addicts who have so much information available to them on and offline, that they are like kids in a candy store. Too much information can be worse than no information.

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