Becoming Your Best Self 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Become The Person You Want To Be By Leaving The Past Behind

Are you living in the past or moving into your future? If you’re spending time reminiscing about who you were before, identifying with that version of yourself, then you are seriously limiting who you can become.

Professional Jealousy: What Is This Menace?

What is professional jealousy? How does that affect one? Let’s analyze how destructive this menace might become.

How to Stop Attracting Bullies

How does one end the fight? How do you stop attracting bullies into your reality? You must understand the mental dynamics that are playing out between Victims, Bullies, and Rescuers in order to stop the cycle. Victims, Bullies, and Rescuers all have one common theme woven between them. They DO NOT love themselves.

5 Ways To Discover The Real “You”

An often-forgotten adage reminds us that while you can try to fool others (either successfully, or generally not), it is invariably more challenging to convince yourself something that might be somewhat less than flattering about you! After over three decades of involvement in conducting hundreds of self-help or personal development seminars/ programs, I have learned how few individuals are either ready, willing and able to be objectively introspective, especially when it pertains to their own views, positions, strengths and weaknesses. However, the reality is that it is nearly impossible to enhance yourself in any type of…

Pursuing Your Passion

What gives you Passion? How to be inspired in your everyday life.

Mimosas, Libraries And Time

As I walked the dog this morning, thinking about what I was doing today, tomorrow, and everyday from now until the end of January, I passed a couple on one of Nashville’s many benches looking at the skyline and was confounded. Who are these random people, who at 10:15 in the morning can be sitting on a bench, snuggling, drinking mimosas in actual glass champagne glasses, looking at the downtown skyline? What kind of job do they have?

Are You Able To Self Assess?

Deep down most of us know our core traits and tendencies. The challenge comes to act on making the changes you know you need to make.

Selflessness (or What Does It Take to Give Up Your Seat?)

In this dizzy life, getting by is itself an arduous task,so giving a selfless thought to others is usually unthinkable. These real life characters depicted here could be the ones sitting besides you and you may not even notice them. But reading about a fragment of their lives just might open a new door for you!!! It’s your choice really!!!

The Importance of Long-Term Thinking

Why is it important to think in the long-term? It can help you reach any goal that you set.

Does Personal Austerity Help or Hinder One’s Progression?

‘Austerity’ is term used to describe a set of measures, which aim to reduce government spending. However, we often impose a similar set of measures onto ourselves. Such measures are often preceded by feelings of guilt.

Slice Through the Fog to Your True North

Have you noticed that as a change agent your life has a certain amount of “the agony and the ecstasy” in it? Self-transformation in service to humanity is rarely a path of continually increasing joy and flow.

The Blame We Hold, Holds Us Back

Have you ever experienced an event that was so hurtful that you despised another so much that you hated to even being around them? This hurt shows up in our face and body giving off bad vibes.

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