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5 Benefits of Taking Responsibility for Your Success

The idea of taking responsibility is not always associated with positive values. In this article I’m going to share some REAL benefits that can actually increase the prosperity of your business and your life in general. Check it out…

Overcoming Personal Growth Ruts at Work

Everyone feels a little bit down from time to time. However, you cannot allow these feelings to take over your life as this is where the problems begin. Focus on a plan that helps you to become a better you. Look at what is positive in your job and access your strengths; use these two components as your driving force when you’re in a rut.

How We Embrace Suffering in Our Lives

“I don’t understand how this happened to my life… ” words all too frequently spoken by multitudes of people who find they have arrived at a place where something in their lives has become unbearable; and so the question spills forth in anguish. Are we responsible for the suffering that has taken control of our life? Could it be that we not only invited it in but also have the power to release it?

Analogy of Self, Profession and Academia: Blind Men and an Elephant

There is a fable originally circulated in cultures from India that has been translated into numerous theories and continues to be translated into modern academic, professional and self help analyses today. The blind men and the elephant tale illustrates that while our subjective experience maybe true, it can also essentially be limited by our failure to take into account other truths or a totality of truth.

Boundaries: The Art of a Loving No

In order to fulfill the contribution you came here to make, one of the mission-critical skills you need to master is how to set boundaries with others. This is where the art of gracefully saying “No” comes in. In this world of information and opportunity overload, without clear boundaries you will find yourself honoring everyone else’s agenda above your own in the important moments of your day. I’ve seen many clients struggle with saying “No” to distracting requests and options, because they value generosity above all or desire to see only the unity that underlies all. Others are reluctant to set boundaries because of the fear that disappointing others may cause harm or anger. Do any of these tendencies sound familiar to you?

You’re Making It Up!

Let’s talk about energy. If everything is energy, including emotions (especially emotions) and our experiences are governed by emotions (energy) and energy is variable and can be moved, transformed, and especially manipulated by the perceiver, than we can’t be so sure that we are good or bad..

Have You Breached Your Personal Integrity?

If things aren’t working out in your life and everything seems to be going wrong then it’s not weird karma or voodoo – it’s because you’ve breached your personal integrity. What this means is you have broken agreements with yourself or others and have lots of incompletion in your life. By sorting out all those broken agreements, cleaning them up and getting incomplete things complete, you will restore your power again.

Fear: The Number One Roadblock

Fear is a roadblock in many lives. Discover why fear is holding you back. Learn how to overcome your fears and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Resistance: Is It a Roadblock or Simply Not Your Path?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably felt a block to following through with something you long to do. The block might feel like fear, confusion, lethargy or overwhelm. You might even feel resentment at how much work this new direction seems to require. When you feel resistance to positive change, how do you uncover the truth of the situation? How do you determine if what’s stopping you is a reluctant part of yourself that needs healing, or is a signal to stop pushing yourself because this direction is not yours to take?

Surrogate Dreamers

Do others have dreams for us? If so, why? Why would I need a third party to relay a message, via dreaming, to me I wondered? None of the dreams were particularly upsetting, frightening or even negative. So what’s the purpose of having someone else dream them for me? As I thought about it, I realized that someone else can dream for us for a variety of reasons: I often sleep through my dreams lately and don’t remember them. Perhaps I really needed the information now. I sometimes have two competing dreams on the same night and usually only remember one in its entirety. The other one ends up being forgotten entirely or fragmented and incomplete. Perhaps the surrogate dreamer brought me the lost information from one of my fragmented dream memories. Perhaps I completely misunderstood one of my own dreams and had to “see” the information through someone else’s eyes.

Do You Know, And Use Your STRENGTHS?

How often have you heard some discussion about becoming personally stronger, more effective and confident, and better knowing yourself? Although there is a plethora of talk, discussion, and other rhetoric used regarding this area, on a nearly ongoing basis, all too often, it never transforms to using one’s assets to the best of one’s abilities. Each of us is strong in certain areas, and somewhat weaker in others, it is only when one takes an objectively introspective look, and simultaneously addresses one’s weaknesses, while using our strongest assets in the most effective manner, that we enhance our ability for optimum…

Habits of Courage

Bold, courageous choices don’t happen overnight. They grow out of many small acts of bravery: day-to-day choices to get out of comfort zones, commitments to building resilience and grit and to practice courage.

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