Becoming a New You (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

Clarity of The Practiced Mind

It’s always part of every learning curve and also the key to keeping an open mind. If you pigeonhole something before you even proceed to try and receive something new, you’d never be able to receive the best parts of anything in life except for the things you’re already comfortable with, or unwilling to break out from.

Understanding What It Really Means To Focus

So what exactly is “Focus”? What does focusing means to you? Having a good sense of focus and concentration is something that needs to be trained deliberately to a certain degree depending on the nature of your being. Some people are naturally good “Focusers”, equipped with an innate ability to do something for hours and hours if they found something they really liked or loved to do.

Paying Attention to Small Details

How many times a day have you thanked yourself for the amazing physical body you were “gifted” with since the day you were born? How the cells in your body knows exactly where to go, residing inside that intelligent “shell” to best serve you and keep it in perfect balance and harmony? Did you know each time you think a negative thought, you disrupt the entire system and make it work harder than it has to work for?

Yes Energy

A positive attitude is a trained behavior. Yes energy supports creativity, joy, health, and productivity. Yes energy can make the world a better place.

No Energy

Be part of the problem, or be part of the solution. Which will get you further? Your words and your demeanor convey so much — make them reflect and communicate what it is your really mean. Being part of the problem is being a negative force.

9 Easy Steps To Defeat Laziness

Everybody feels a little lazy at times. But laziness on a regular basis can have a severe unfavorable effect on your life. Laziness is a natural tendency. All animals incline towards comfort, or at least what’s viewed to be comfortable. However, laziness is indulging in short-term convenience at the cost of long-term pain.

Turn Passion Into Progress by Changing Your Inner Dialogue

One of the biggest roadblocks that anyone pursuing a new career must face is their inner dialogue – the conversations they have with themselves. Ironically enough, sometimes our biggest enemies are our own minds. As a real estate investor, I have certainly found that my own inner dialogue was an obstacle when I started investing. However, I learned by training my mind to think more efficiently and positively, I have been able to reach heights I once never thought possible in my career. Although this takes practice, there are many things you can do to improve the way you think about yourself and your goals.

How To Create Positive Change By Unplugging From Negative Thinking And Faulty Belief Systems

Your power to create positive change begins with an awareness of the current reality and surrounding thoughts and perception. As perception changes, so too can life. A new journey awaits you as this period of discovery and new outlook begins.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 12

Think Possibilities – Born in Ireland in 1884, child prodigy William Thomson was enrolled in Glasgow University at age ten. He became an accomplished mathematician, astronomer, chemist, and physicist who made a significant contribution to the laying of the transatlantic cable in 1858.

How Much Sickness, Stress And Disease Is Caused By Unfulfilled Promises To One Self?

I have been fortunate enough to make lots of money, holiday and own wonderful possessions. I have also been unfortunate enough to lose it all, including my health and I had to start again. It was when I started again with what seemed like nothing that I found another way. It meant turning my way of thinking upside down. As I started to undo my conditioning, I began to discipline myself to do the things I loved doing.

How to Improve Interpersonal Skills With Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence supports interpersonal success and fulfillment by developing one’s willingness and ability to ‘understand emotions through observing nonverbal behavior’. It helps one develop that all-important ‘connect’.

Reasons for Not Retiring, and One Especially!

In just over one year I shall be eligible for a state pension! Wow! Where has the time gone? It seems just yesterday that I left school and went to college; and only this morning that I started teaching in Southampton. But now I find many of my peers, certainly in the last couple of years, ask me the question, ‘James, why aren’t you retired?’ or ‘James, when are you going to retire?’, or ‘James, retirement is so good – look at me – why not put your feet up and enjoy life?’ Indeed, as I survey the scene, many of my friends of my age, or younger, have retired or are more or less retired, except that many also seem to spend an inordinate amount of their time in full-time baby-sitting for their grandchildren! That aside, however, I am not intending to retire any time soon, or, by the will of God, ever. Why is that? There are perhaps many good reasons not to retire. The first might be financial: heck, we have invested a lot of money in our business, and we haven’t yet realised our return on it. So there’s a thought.

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