Become Unshakeable [Must Watch!!]

You Create Your Own Meaning In Life

Positive psychologists constantly mention the importance of meaning when living a happy life. In Martin Seligman’s new work “Flourish,” meaning is one of the 5 aspects of his brand-new theory on happiness, now abbreviated as “PERMA” – standing for Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievements. But as I mentioned in an earlier post on PERMA*, an individual doesn’t need all 5 aspects to have a happy existence.

Mistakes Give Us Valuable Lessons

Do you have a Ph.D. from the school of lessons learned the hard way? You know, from UHK, “The University of Hard Knocks.” If we look at those bumps and bruises along the learning curve, we’ll find that many were self imposed. Maybe we didn’t listen to others who had already traveled the same path.

Defining Yourself Is A Key To Success

My loyal readers will notice that my posting has been decidedly limited of late. I’ve created several articles around the subject of financial services, as this is a field I am currently involved in and have always been interested in.

What Are Your Attachments?

Are you highly attached to someone or something that is holding you back from happiness, from moving forward or achieving more in life? If yes, why not do something about it?

A Plan to Increase Your Confidence in Any Area of Your Life or Work

The plan detailed in this article will help you to improve your confidence in a any number of areas in your life. I list here some areas of your life this plan will help you with, this is list is in no way exhaustive: dating, public speaking, work life or making new friends.

Relax and Trust in Your Higher Self

Do you want to have a big story to tell? When things are tough and you are starting to think that no one else gets this much hassle, when you have difficulty sleeping ‘cos your mind keeps going over things looking for an answer, when you know the answer’s there…but no matter how hard you try or how often you ask for help, you just can’t find it…when you do not know what to do – relax, and trust in your higher self. Your higher self knows what is happening and is working things out according to your life purpose.

How to Make Decisions by the Night Vision of Your Intuition

What do you do when experiencing testing times, when there is a conflict between your intuition and your conscious mind and especially when this is because of adverse external circumstances? After 6 months of deepening anxiety over this issue, in the depths of personal adverse external circumstances, I eventually experienced a moment of blinding clarity, the essence of which is as follows…

What Can Life Coaching Do For You?

A life coach is a person who will use a variety of tips and techniques to help you identify and obtain your personal goals. The goal of a life coach is to assist you in meeting goals through the use of methods such as goal setting, mentoring, and behavior modeling. The mentor does not focus, examine, diagnose, or delve into the past but focuses on effecting a change on your current and future behavior.

Don’t Wait For Time to Pass You By – Do Something!

Are you one of those people who resists making changes because you have mastered the skill of procrastination? Some of the reasons that people use to delay taking the actions they say they would like to make are:

Unconditional Love – Are You Reliving the Ghosts of the Past Today?

Out of your painful experiences come the fiery darts. Hurtful words and actions come out from unhealed areas of your life – symptoms of a person who’s reliving the ghosts of yesterday, today.

Personal Development – The Importance of Overcoming Fear

Fear is a phenomenon that is responsible for holding back many of us from realizing our dreams. It is simply impossible to succeed in anything while fearing it, whether you are conscious of the fear or not. In fact – fear and success are mutually contradictory terms; they just don’t go hand in hand…

Personal Development Is For Everyone

When I first started exploring “personal development” I was 17 years old. Now I’m 22, and I imagine that personal development will be something that I continue to embark on until the day I die. From where I stand, I don’t see any reason to stop.

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