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Is It Possible to Become an Extrovert?

Some people seem to be permanently stuck in their own, small, introverted world. It’s often difficult to get any words out of them, the words they do say are often muttered and if you were thinking about holding a conversation with them, you’d be better off learning to talk to yourself. If you’re on the introverted side of the equation, it’s probably crossed your mind about whether you can become an extrovert (if only to improve your social life a bit).

Freemasonry – What Is It?

The most well known definition is that which first appeared around the 19th Century. It states that: Freemasonry is a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

Barriers to Personal Growth and Professional Development

What are some barriers to your personal and professional development? It’s not what you might think!

To Thine Own Self Be True: Conform Yourself to Truth

Being true to yourself doesn’t mean you get set in your ways and stick to your guns. It means that you conform you life to truth. We cannot excuse living poorly by saying we are being true to ourselves.

How to Allow For More in Your Life Right Away

Allow more success in your life right now. How do you get it? Let me show you this one of a kind powerful way to do so. Things come naturally and Simplicity is Perfection. Its all about the Universal Law…

How Collaboration Can Lead to Growth For Everyone

Conversation is one unique trait of being a human, and it is a significant skill to have. Being excellent conversationalist is an art worth achieving. Conversation is a way to know others and further forge a relationship with them. Being a good conversationalist is helpful while meeting new people, at business lunches, networking events, during sales meetings, getting to know our colleagues, and simply while having a good conversation with our friend.

What’s in Your Realm of Possibility?

During a recent cocktail discussion with a friend we got on the topic of travelling and living abroad; I mentioned that at some point in my life I’d like to live in a small town in France. “It’s definitely in the realm of possibility,” I said. Later I got to thinking about the Realm of Possibility and what a powerful place that is. I picture a place of vibrant color, of swirling thoughts and images, of forward moving energy that is at once knowing and brave as it forges toward the unknown, of leaping without fear and without a net. A place where yes rules and no is not part of the vernacular, where ideas spawn action. A place where a sense of quiet and calm lives amidst the questions and on the precipice of possible becoming probable becoming actual.

The Next Generation: Non-Joiners Who Desire to Belong

Older generations tend to find groups to join and be committed to. Younger generations want the services those groups provide, but often are unwilling to make a commitment to the group. This lack of commitment is impacting how young people feel about themselves. It is also impacting the ability of those groups to provide the very services the young people enjoy.

How To Make Change Easy

The only constant is change, but it isn’t always easy or smooth. In fact for most people the opposite is almost always the case. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can make the process of change a little smoother. Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Transformation

Cycle of Evolution

The only constant is change. The universe is always in motion and always growing, ever since the big bang the only constant is change. In nature, business, life and almost everywhere change happens in distinct and predictable cycles, yet when it comes to our own personal development people seem to strive for a status quo, a “balance” and it’s this desire for balance that actually unbalances us.

Why Selective Ignorance Is Good for Your Health!

Every day the media bombard us with news stories via the newspaper, radio and television. Unfortunately 95% of these stories are negative, scandalous or promote fear. The media successfully use these tactics to influence everything from the political party you choose to the type of vehicle you drive to the clothes you wear. While this is NOT news for most, the question begs. Is this regular consumption of information positively contributing to your happiness and well being? Or could it be that the constant flow of negative information is stealing your precious time and affecting your mental and emotional health?

How To Overcome Stinking Thinking?

Has your negative thinking kept you from moving forward in your vision? Does negative thoughts keep reminding you of the failures and mistakes of yesterday? Negative thinking can convince you that you can’t live an effective life because you have been in a negative situation for too long. Negative thinking can make you feel that you can’t be successful, you can’t…

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