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Forgiveness: Who Are You Really Mad At?

Why is it so hard to forgive? Parents try to instill the value of forgiveness while raising their children. Many of our modern-day religions teach and promote the practice of forgiveness. Yet, as adults, many of us struggle in the practical application of it in our daily lives.

You Have The Capacity to Unblock The Gremlins And Fly With The Eagles

We live in an insecure world. It is your duty to help yourself to find success in your life. The bubble may burst any time and leave you hopelessly short of the most vital ingredients in life, an income to support yourself and your loved ones. Obviously the best way is not to depend on an employer or anybody else, but yourself. This is easily achievable, because we live in the age of the internet. Be part of it.

Telling The Truth: A Human Deficiency?

A thorough examination of our societal implications of lying and telling the truth. Is it easier to lie than to step up and be truthful? This article examines some of the reasons we lie to others and the consequences of those lies. The damage that one little lie can do is enough to question whether or not it is really worth it.

Garden Wisdom

The parched sandy soil of northeast Texas connected me to a lesson in humanity and humility that have been awaiting my awareness. While watering my flowers and shrubs in an attempt to save them from the oppressive summer heat, I was reminded about the challenges I have had for over 20 years working with traumatized children in multiple roles.

Face to Face With Fear

There will be moments in our lives when we will be Face to Face with Fear. As long as we think of fear as a positive force and we are awake to our instincts, we can reduce the potential of becoming a victim of crime and we will not be a prisoner of fear.

Why People Avoid Coaches – Part 1

Talking to people about life coaching, I am constantly amazed by the number of people who have issues that they want to work on but choose not to employ a coach to help them, even if it means the issue never gets resolved. To me it is somewhat illogical so I’ve delved into some of the reasons why.

Creating Change: Will I Ever Be Happy?

If all you are doing is focusing on the question – will I ever find happiness? Chances are you are not going to be all that happy. Behind that question, often lie thoughts like the following: “I will never be happy!” and “I don’t deserve to be happy.”

Dealing With Conflict in a Healthy Manner

There are precious few people who like to deal with conflict. It is hardly ever easy but there are a few productive and healthy ways to manage it. Much of conflict resolution will depend upon your communication skills. For some people this will come easy, almost natural, and others will have a harder time of it.

Sometimes Saving the World Starts With Yourself

Is there anyone who does not want to help the world? Sometimes the best way to achieve this goal is by being nice to yourself. There are those who believe you must always put everyone above yourself; however, this is not precisely true.

Increase Your Successful Attitude

Your attitude in life is one of the most important tools that you have to get through life. Bad attitudes hold you back, while a great attitude can propel to higher levels than what you thought was possible.

Stuck in Expectations

Last week I was in Monument Valley, camping and touring around the property of a Navajo clan. Effie and family have worked that same land, raising horses, sheep and goats, for generation on generation. They’ve evolved with the times – moving from traditional farming and ranching to other ways of supporting their family.

Can You Let Go?

It is the season of the year when the leaves on the trees turn loose and float away in the wind. Just as the leaves turn loose, there are times in our lives for us to turn loose of people or situations. The seasons have passed and it is time to move on. Can you turn loose? I takes a leap of courage and faith to let go and move on. Can you let go?

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