AVOID THIS If You Are Going Through a Spiritual Awakening!

6 Ways Gratitude Journals Boost Your Happiness Factor

Gratitude is the “forgotten factor” in happiness research. Robert Emmons Spiritual traditions have long embraced the power of gratitude as a devotional tool and an integral element of wholeness.

4 Steps to Freeing Your Limiting Beliefs With Gratitude

Are you happy with the quality of your every day moments? Are your relationships rich, your work rewarding and the essence of your experiences engaging and exhilarating? Your world mirrors the through-line of your thinking. If you’re not quite content with what’s showing up on the outside, then it’s time to explore the inner workings of your playground.

Are You Living Intentionally?

“What’s the difference between having a dream and having the intention?” an audience member asked. Cheryl Richardson, guest panelist, sat up in her seat and gave the most thought-provoking answer.

Creativity – Is There a Way to Measure Creativity?

If someone called you creative, you have probably accepted this compliment, without actually thinking about it too much. Creativity is something people are born with, or at least this is what most people believe is true. What happens if you aren’t creative or not as creative as you’d wish? Can you learn to be creative?

How to Train an Elephant

A young elephant would have no difficulty pulling the spike out or breaking the chain, yet fully grown elephants are shackled for hours every day by a strong chain around their leg to a large block of concrete. No amount of pulling of tugging, squealing or trumpeting will set them free. As they grow older, they learn that no matter how hard they try, it’s impossible to break away from the chains. Eventually they stop trying.

Conflict Resolution for Kids: Breathe, Learn, Talk

My good friend and colleague, Thomas Crum, taught me a lot of what I know about having hard conversations. A method he uses with children – the BLT – is so simple and easy to remember, I often use it with adults, too. Breathe, Learn, Talk.

Simple Steps to Self Improvement

Self improvement has been an indigenous part of humans for ages, but has become a buzz word lately due to more awareness. Every intelligent thinking person knows there is no plateau as such in any sphere of life; one can move further to reach higher targets with the right attitude. So what is the right attitude that can make the path smoother to higher glory?

Divine Guidance Or Wishful Thinking?

Are “Signs” Reliable Guidance? Sometimes. It depends on how clear they are.

Creating Personal Value

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, how do you create strategic value for your enterprise? How do you become a company that ends up on someone’s must buy list? A friend and colleague of mine, Joel Strom of CKS Advisors LLC, has developed what he refers to as a “Strategic Value Acceleration Checklist” for business owners. His SVA checklist includes such categories as: Finance, Strategy, Operations and the Market. Within each category are dozens of subcategories that need to be addressed in building the strategic value of a business. As I studied the SVA checklist, I began to think of the importance of you and I creating our personal strategic value (PSV) checklist for becoming a person of value to those who love us and who work with us.

Emotional Intelligence

Do you allow yourself to fully experience all your emotions? Like most people, you may find that you have emotions that you welcome, such has joy, confidence and happiness and those that you don’t welcome, such as anger, frustration and boredom.

When the Chips Are Down, That’s When You Know

It’s easy to be happy and confident when things are going your way, but can you still be happy and confident when things fall apart? Learn the secret to keeping your cool no matter what circumstances befall you.

Personality Traits Are 50% Heritable – HUH?

Personality traits are 50 percent heritable. Yes, can you believe it. Studies have shown that you and your loved one’s personality traits are genetic.

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