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Why Is It So Hard to Just Say No?

The word “no” is required many times and in many forms in life. You say it to others; others say it to you. I’ll give some examples.

10 Words To Live By – In Life As Well As Business

Words carry the weight of their meaning as a force for good in any aspect of life. If you know how to use them, they can change your life.

All You Need Is Love!

Love is a simple four-letter word used to describe a range of hundreds of emotions. Instead of having hundreds of words to describe hundreds of emotions, the English language tries to capture these feelings in one word. No wonder it is so confusing. The greatest tool that we can use in healing is love. Love is opening the heart. It’s the ability to see only the divine, to have a limitless perspective, and to have knowingness so vast that it reaches far beyond the limitations of rational or logical thought.

Revealed – The Basic Elements of Our Adult Life Cycle

Each of the stages that make up our ever-evolving cyclical life process as adults has certain characteristics, themes and issues, summarized here, that you can use to create smooth life passages. In fact, smooth life passages are made from these key ingredients.

What Will Love Give You?

What are your beliefs about what another’s love will give to you? Did you grow up believing that if only someone REALLY loved you in the way you needed to be loved, then you would feel happy, safe, lovable and worthy?

Shyness And Social Phobia – The Twin Impediments Blocking Your Growth

I can write about shyness and phobia because I was one of those afflicted by these twin diseases. I call them diseases because they will debilitate you and keep you down. And like other diseases, they can be cured. The cure is not even difficult. You don’t have to consume a lot of bitter pills. But a major thing stopping from you from overcoming these impediments will be the absence of a will.

Changing Habits – It Is Possible!

Would it surprise you to know that most of your thoughts and behaviours are habitual? That as you’re thinking or doing them, you’re actually not making a conscious choice about them? Habitual behaviours are simply behaviours that we have learnt through repetition over time and quite often they are important to us.

Shift Your Level of Engagement

Ever wonder how to flip the switch from 3D human to transformative energy agent? Who you are being dictates the spectrum of potential and possibility that is available to you in any given moment. How you view the world is filtered through the lens of your level of engagement.

Expanded Consciousness

It is clear to me that the source of our suffering are our minds. Our minds that record our life’s experiences and, from that recording, create a “story of my life” with all it’s ups and downs. There are a couple of fundamental issues with your mind’s recording of life.

Regaining Your Confidence After A Midlife Divorce

A divorce can rock your world and your confidence. Midlife divorce can leave you feeling angry, bitter, and can shake up everything you knew about yourself. Regain your confidence after divorce by starting with these simple tasks.

Adulthood – How Is This Life Passage Designed?

Did anyone ever tell you how to be a grown-up? Rare is the person who can answer ‘yes’ to that question. Yet, learning the fundamental pattern that drives the basic stages of adult life has a myriad of benefits. It can be a tremendous relief (‘wow, I’m normal, I’m not crazy, sick, bad, not-OK!). It can provide guidance for how to move through the various passages in healthy and satisfying ways. It can provide much needed direction for improving your relationships with your partner, your children, your parents, your friends and your co-workers. It can even reduce or even eliminate feelings of insecurity and feelings of not-okayness. How is this possible?

Emotional Mastery – 10 Tips for Managing Emotions

In recent weeks, I have been reading an excellent book about management called “Conscious Business”, written by Fred Kofman. Topics included in this book range from leadership and conflict management, to effective communication and accepting responsibility for one’s actions, all of which are brilliantly presented and discussed in great depth. Chapter 8 illustrates the concept of ‘Emotional Mastery’, and was of particular interest to me, given that much of my work recently has focused on team building and conflict management.

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