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How to Wisely Manage Your Vulnerability

What does it mean to you to be vulnerable, and why would you want to be? In order to answer this question, you need to explore every area of your life. Read more to learn how to be vulnerable and wise.

Can Mind Clutter Affect Your Career

In my entire career, e.g., construction, manufacturing, sales and marketing, I have had the opportunity of working with people who made it through their careers and those who never made it to second base. Their personal, academic and professional profiles didn’t vary much. What made the big difference was the intensity and clarity of purpose in applying themselves to their career goals and objectives. Such intensity and clarity cannot be achieved with a cluttered mind.

5 Days To Discovering Your Brilliance

I created this system by envisioning myself talking to a young woman in whom I see pieces of my old self. I share with her my story, while acknowledging and honoring her natural gifts and talents.

How to Make the Right Choices

The major decisions we make should always be carefully and thoughtfully considered. These decisions can either make or mar our future. we all would want to live a beautiful and perfect life and also look back in time and say to ourselves “I’m glad I made the right decision”.

The Secret Is In the Word – Choose Them Wisely

As adults, we create meaning by the words we put onto experiences. “This was the worst day of my life” or “at least you have other children” are just examples of what we either say to ourselves, to others, either out loud or in our thoughts. The more we think something, the more we believe it, the more it affects us emotionally, the more it creates our emotional, physical and mental state.

What Fills Your Tank? Ways to Re-Energize for More Energy, Joy, and Happiness

Self-Care if not selfish, but essential for you to have energy to love others well. Learn a few ideas to rejuvenate quickly so you can be your best in relationships, business and in life.

Fear Is Your Best Friend

In his book Influence Science and Practice, author Robert Cialdini shares a story capturing the transformative essence of fear. In a tribe in southern Africa, the Thonga people hold an annual initiation for young boys prior to becoming a man. A young Thonga boy must endure a series of intense physical challenges before he is admitted to adulthood.

Five Refreshing Ways To Give Yourself A Fresh Start

Making a fresh start can be hard. It can also be rewarding. I love greeting each day because of its brand new-ness.

Stop Telling People You’re A Woman

I have a relative who, for the sake of this article, I’ll call “Wes.” Wes has always been fond of saying, “I’m a man!” In his early adult years, he frequently and loudly stated this.

4D Myth Busting – Debunking the Errors of Expectations in Earth’s Ascension

If you have spent any time online searching or even picking up random magazines about what changes to expect from a planetary ascension, you must be disappointed about now. We have been told we will have bodies of pure light, that we will no longer require food and a host of other changes that seem bizarre and did not happen as predicted. Why?

Right Communication Skills Can Empower You

There are three types of communication which are very vital for a successful career – written verbal or soft skills and technological communication. The most important type of communication is the spoken form. Even though the organizations are now influenced by digital communication, verbal communication will never disappear. In order to be hired by a company you must impress the employer during the interview with your soft skills. If you overlook the importance of soft skills, you are making a mistake.

Higher Mind Part III: How to Access Your Higher Mind

In my previous article in this series, I shared how to access the Center of Your Head, which is your command center and stepping off point to your Higher Mind. I first learned of this space from my spiritual teacher Ma Jaya. Initially I sought her out to seek guidance about how to do AIDS work without burning out.

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