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Effective Tips for Dealing With Procrastination

Procrastination is something that a lot of people are faced with on a daily basis, and some people have a hard time tackling it. It doesn’t matter if you are an employee, a student in college, or simply working on projects, you may be looking for ways to deal with and tackle procrastination head on. There are several different tips and tricks to consider, and everyone has their thing that works best for them. Here are a few things to try out, and if one thing doesn’t work, consider going onto the next tip until you find what works for you.

Why It Is Sometimes Good to Quit

When a person is set to do something, he is often advised not to give up. Sometimes people are too determined on working extra hard just to get what they want that they tend to become blinded on the things that really matter – good health, relationships and spiritual growth, to name a few. Whether people like it or not, if truth be told, there are just times when they may be better off quitting.

What You Love, You Become

One of the most misquoted passages of scriptures is “Money is the root of all evil!” Now, if this passage were true, we would all be in big trouble! However, the passage actually states, “The love of money is the root of all evil!

Have More Time and Enjoy Life More

If you are frustrated by knowing there are so many things you would like to try, learn about and do and if only you could find the time you would, as a result, enjoy your life even more than you do now. Maybe you already believe that your life is fun and you enjoy most of what you do each day, yet that sense of ‘if only I had more time’ persists and causes some  disappointment.

Lessons From Superbowl XLV

We all make mistakes. Can you imagine making yours in front of 111 million people? And in an age where news travels faster than the speed of light?

Boost Your Personal Development Through Perseverance – How One Man’s Dreams Led to Fame and Fortune

Personal development isn’t something you do through study. It happens of its own accord, once you make a conscious decision to achieve something in your life. The story below shows how one man with a burning ambition decided to carry his idea through to fruition. We don’t know if he was seeking fame or money, or if they were just by-products of what he achieved. What we do know about is his vision and that he pursued his dream until it became reality.

5 Steps To Finding Your Ideal Job

One common denominator that seems to exist among those looking for their ideal job is the lack of a systematic process or approach. Be the person a recent college graduate or a seasoned business professional seeking to land that one last great job, most have no predetermined road map.

Are You in Your Own Way?

I catch myself in my own way so often. I have to laugh. What’s really interesting is that it’s usually different variations on the same theme. My gravity just keeps shifting in its specific form, but comes back to the same core beliefs.

The Flow of Ecstatic Stillness in Meditation

A recent client asked a question about stillness in meditation, “you said meditation is stillness of the mind. I am never still in meditation. Something is always happening. What am I doing wrong?”

Do You Need a Personal Development Plan?

The question “Do I need a personal development plan?” is a hard one to answer, because it’s not as simple a question as it seems. When someone asks me this, what they usually mean is, “Do I need to sit down and plan out everything I’m going to do to create a new life?

Self-Help Help

When an individual is seeking self help help it means they have just taken a great step in their life. It really is like turning back to the clock to our ancestors who were so independent and proud and their successes were built on their do it themselves attributes.

Some Things Need to Be Taken Seriously

There are several areas of life that really matter to us, that we need to take seriously. Here are a few to consider.

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