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When Life Gives You Lemons

Sometimes life seems to give you lemons. Nothing feels like it is going well, In fact, there may be so many negatives that you feel like a real failure. It just seems like you go from one failure endeavor, project, relationship or experience to the next. You find your outlook and energy flagging. There don’t seem to be any positive signs in the near or even far future.

Making the Most of Transitions

Life is full of transitions. Some are easy, some are hard. We look forward to some of them and fear others. They show up in all shapes, sizes and types. Transitions in life are inevitable. We all go through them at various times. They are part of the human condition.

Living a Myth-Free Life

Are you curious? Do you frequently wonder about things? Are you a person who indulges their curiosity or have you lost that sense in the busy crunch of day-to-day living? Remember how curious you were as a child or watch a young child at play. Curiosity is not only alive and well with them, it is abundant. It drives their learning and discovery of the world around them.

Gratefulness Is a State of Being

Do you consider yourself to be a grateful person? How often to you write down or speak of what you are grateful for? We can talk about gratefulness, we can say we are grateful and then we can be grateful. What is the difference? The first two are acknowledgments. The latter, being grateful, is a state of being. It is part of your essence – who you are – and it attracts abundance.

Getting Unstuck – Mission Critical

All of us fell stuck at various points in our lives. Some of us get stuck more often than others and some of us are better at getting unstuck. What do you do when you are feeling stuck? Most of us find that being stuck is frustrating at best and often it is overwhelming.

Get Off the Rollercoaster and Onto the Escalator

Are you on a wild ride? Are the ups and downs of life getting to you? Everyone’s life has plenty of high and low points but they don’t have to always ne dramatic or constantly moving from one to the other. What we all really want is a smooth escalator ride to the top acknowledging plateaus and a few side trips back down a bit on the way.

The Best Ways to Find Fulfillment

Fulfillment can come from simple things in life. Here are some ways to address how we live our lives and bring in an extra dimension of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Enhancing Your Personal Quadruple Line

There is a new movement afoot in the business world that is measuring success by their quadruple bottom line. A new tribe is forming that advocated this measurement and it is reaching a tipping point that will send it mainstream.

Cultivate Creativity to Reach Resilience

Wouldn’t it be great to be really resilient in the face of change? Wouldn’t it be a blessing to be able to bounce back quickly from disappointment? How about being able to be positive in adversity and challenge? One of the great tools to enhance your resilience is to increase your creativity.

Direct Your Thoughts Toward Success

Direct Your Thoughts deals with the idea that success is not the result of chance or destiny. Success in life is a direct result of your ideas, dreams and thoughts. If you will direct your thoughts in the direction you want to go you will achieve your goals.

Truth: What Gurus Fail To Teach You As An RE Investor

Now let me start this off by saying I am not a guru nor do I have plans on becoming one. And not all gurus are bad in my eyes.

Can Intuition Be Trusted?

Is it possible to trust your intuition 100%? Is there more than one form of intuition? How would you like to learn more about how to develop your intuitive ability and understand the difference between different types of intuition?

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