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3 Simple Steps to Calm Your Inner Perfectionist

Just about once or twice a day, my tendency toward perfectionism rears its head. It’s a trait I’ve had from birth, according to my mother. I’ve become well-acquainted both with its usefulness and how it often gets in my way.

Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

When we let people tell us what to do, we lose our independence and uniqueness. Our lives are our own, and we can make informed choices without being told what to do.

Overcoming the Challenging Issues: Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

At some point in our lives, we confront issues that challenge our ability to cope. We become fearful, often filled with anxiety or worry. Learn how to overcome these issues in your life.

Reinvent Yourself!

Have you ever asked yourself the following question…Who am I? This question is often asked from a person who is searching, usually for the truth.

Goodbye Obstacles!

Ever bumped into an obstacle? Ever not enjoyed it?

Is Psychotherapy Effective In Bringing About Change and Transformation?

Therapy enables and empowers people to change, but there are pitfalls and seductions to avoid. The first rule is you cannot do it by yourself; you need a therapist or a counselor to act as a guide. Psycho-spiritual psychotherapy is the specialized, focused approach to lasting change and transformation. Therapy is not a commodity, it is a relationship and it is the relationship that makes it work.

Release Your Inner Control Freak

It is very easy to look for happiness outside of us, but in doing so we often fall prey to the idea that we must then control the outer world so that it gives us what we need. True happiness is found inside of us, and through cultivating an awareness of this we can begin to let go of our inner control freak and learn the art of true fulfilment.

Finding The Courage To Follow Your Heart

Following the call of your heart can lead you down a challenging path. Many people suppress and ignore those heart-filled whispers out of fear of what will happen if they listen. It may initially be a scary and unfamiliar road but the joy, passion, love and fulfillment that comes from living a heart driven life will be enough to make it all worth while.

Learning Life’s Lessons

Sometimes life doesn’t always go to plan. Believe it or not, when bad things happen, you have a choice as to how you react. You can either label it as a problem and allow it to upset you. Or, you can choose to see it as a beautiful opportunity to learn a lesson and a chance to grow and challenge yourself. What will you choose?

Would You Walk Through The Fire To Save Your Kids?

Would you walk through the fire to save your Soul? My guess is that you’d use your mind to think about it. But would you walk through the fire to save your kids?

How One Habit Can Change You For Good

Have you ever wondered why habits are hard to break? Especially those habits that you don’t name as “bad” habits even though they cost you a lot of precious time? Do you have such habits? Usually, they’re hidden and they keep you from living full-out. Let me share how changing one habit changed my life and how a long cherished dream came true.

What Keeps You From Self-Actualizing?

According to Maslow’s theory, if you want be on the path of true self-actualization, you need to take care of your BASIC needs first. That is, if you’re hungry, you need to get food. If you feel unsafe, you constantly have to be vigilant and on guard. This is where you spend the plurality of your time and energy. Truth be told, only about two percent of the population is actually, proactively, consciously self-actualizing, according to Maslow. So, the question now becomes, what is it that is preventing me from being all I can be, from self-actualizing?

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