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You Can Achieve Any Goal

You’ve achieved may goals, not because they were goals that you wrote down and pasted on your bathroom mirror, but because they came from within you. Learn the secret to achieving any goal you set. It’s easier… and harder than you think.

Going Beyond Resolutions

There are a numerous books, articles, and websites providing sources and tips on setting resolutions. Many offer very good and excellent suggestions but they often fall short in covering a plan of action for long-term improvement. After reading this article, you can use the insights others suggest combined with these action steps to make positive lasting changes in your life.

Why Your Life Sucks

If you feel your life sucks because of outside factors, again this is not true. Don’t take my word for it. This is not my personal view! It is a fact.

Changing Your Life Doesn’t Require Major Upheaval

Sometimes changing your life means big, structural change: a career transition, the start or end of a significant relationship, or a move to a new city. More often, though, it’s a desire to experience life differently. And that’s a change that comes from transforming your internal landscape and shifting the way you interact with your external world.

What Is a Happy Life?

We all want to be happy. But we differ in our idea or ways to achieve it. Some define happiness in very short term like the serotonin rush after a good sex. Or conditional like that which comes if they win the lotto or getting into a relationship with a crush. While others after the fulfillment of a wish like “I wish I am as beautiful or successful as my neighbor.”

Do You Feel Burned Out Mentally And Physically? Here’s Why

How do you know when you’re burned out? More importantly what can you do about it starting today? Take the burnout test and implement these suggestions to end your burnout and get back to the person you want to be.

I Want To Stop Feeling This Way – Wisdom On Allowing Feelings

I have stopped counting the number of clients coming to see me asking for ways to stop feeling what they are currently emotionally experiencing. Let’s shed a bit of light on the reasons why and when it might be suggested that you actually do exactly the opposite: allowing it.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. There are more considerations than just if you can.

What Direction Do You Want to Go in Life? How to Go Up

When you keep your eyes focussed on Christ you can do more, go faster, jump higher, etc. He will take you beyond your own limitations.

Coping Techniques: 3 Ways to Stop Acting Ugly for the Holidays!

Holidays were created to give us something to look forward to in the near future. It’s motivation for the spirit. It’s a way to create unity.

Keep New Year’s Resolutions With These 8 Proven Tips

Most new year’s resolutions are failed within the first month. But no longer, if you follow these 8 effective tips to help you keep new year’s resolutions this time around!

3 Pillars to Achieving Success In The Coming Year

The core of success is acquiring positive productive habits. This time of year is always a good time to reflect on your past efforts and make plans for the future. Instead of making resolutions and experiencing disappointment by not keeping up with them, try focusing your efforts in developing these and other positive habits and soon you will be on the path to success.

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