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6 Tactics to Turning Over a New Leaf

This is the time of year where many folks start gathering up their New Year’s resolutions. We start putting together the list that will cure all our ills and bad habits. We decide it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Lose 50 pounds, quit smoking, get out of debt. Pick your leaf. You might be ready to tear up that leaf by the second week of February. You’ll be sore from that new exercise regime, or blow $100 on that new Thai restaurant, or break out the plastic again. Why can’t we stick to the same leaf… new or otherwise?

How to Start Your New Year Right!

January. The one month of the year that is full of potential and hope of new beginnings. A clear demarcation between the old and the new. A time of reflection and resolutions. As you stop to celebrate this New Year, ceremoniously walk through the door to the new year.

Self-Parenting and Loving Our Adult Selves!

In order to heal our lives and live a healthy, progressive and soul-full life, it is not enough to say that we are Adults so we should know better. None of us were born as Adults knowing full well what we are supposed to do and not do. The only thing we knew how to be was being a child.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself For an Amazing New Year

The end of a year usually brings about new hopes, aspirations and resolutions for the New Year that’s about to start. Since each new year is really a continuation of the previous one, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself to empower your transition into your best year yet!

The Difference Between Wants and Needs

Lessen your stress by sorting through your home and removing any unwanted items. Teach your family to be responsible and show them the value of sharing with others.

10 Simple Ways to Help You in Your Career

Gone are the days when a perfect attendance is all it takes to merit a salary increase. Now people are even encouraged to bring their work home. The playing field has changed and so must you if you want to succeed in your career. The “company” is no longer a monolithic structure you drive to work every day. Now it can be any part of the world which you have not even heard of, been to or even seen.

Are Your Stated Goals Your True Goals?

In the vast majority of cases, the goals one affirms to others and goes public with, are often different from, and even conflict with your true and inner ones! Many individuals think of goals and goal setting and view it as a somewhat meaningless exercise, and go about it by simply stating that their goals are whatever they believe someone else wants to hear, therefore avoiding the need for genuine introspection, and maintaining one’s often somewhat limited comfort zone. When this is the case, their conviction that goal setting is of limited value becomes actually true, because unless stated goals are…

Three Types Of Mentality

My Mentality is my belief system that determines my perspective of life as a mental reality. I can believe that my reality is one in which I have to survive, one in which I need to be comfortable or one that I am creating with awareness.

How to Define and Improve Your Relationship With Money

We all have a relationship with money. If you were fortunate enough to grow up in a dual-income household in which each of your parents earned money, excelled in their careers, and instilled values in you regarding money than consider yourself one of the lucky ones. if your parents sat you down and invested in a conversation with you about the importance of earning, working, saving, and investing then chances are you are way ahead of the pack.

For a Better Year Ahead – Ten Resolutions

New Year’s Eve: a night of revelry for many, a night of reflection for others; a time to either forget what happened in the year gone by or to celebrate significant achievements. Which is it for you? For most people it’s a little of both.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – Surviving The Holidays With Your Dysfunctional Families

The holidays are particularly stressful for most people, let alone ACOA’s and those beings who are survivors of emotional abuse and neglect. In the air hangs the stinky presumption that families should be together, and that merriment should be had by everyone. Some of us have family members who want to believe that the holidays are a time to let by gone’s be by gone’s, as if what ever abuse they have dished out in the past should be dismissed.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – When Your Mother Is An ACOA

If you were raised by ACOA’s, more than likely you were raised feeling as if who you were went ‘unseen’. You may be plagued by a daunting sense of self alienation, and because you have no alcohol to point at, you may also be confused as to why you feel the way you do. Read on. Help is on the way.

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