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Best Personal Development – The 11 Forgotten Laws – Review

Is best personal development possible without the application of The 11 Forgotten Laws of attraction? Was the original version of the Law of Attraction – revealed to us all not long ago – just a hype? This article will attempt to shed light on some facts and the 11 Forgotten Laws.

What Happened to the Meaning of Thank You?

Did someone recently give you a gift, greeting card, donation, flowers or assisted with a project that you found difficult to handle by yourself? Were you pleasantly surprised from this unexpected present or assistance? As the recipient, how did you express your gratitude to the giver?

How To Answer Your Call

Recognizing and nurturing your body-mind-spirit connection is both subtle and tangible. Allowing that journey to unfold takes inner courage and self respect.

Creating Change: Why Do We Lie to Ourselves?

I recently woke up on a Monday morning feeling pretty tired. The past few weeks have been very busy between work, travel soccer, travel basketball, and end of year school activities. A neighbor asked me that morning how things were going. What I really wanted to say was “I am exhausted. I went to three soccer games, three basketball games, and transported kids to both soccer and basketball practice. I lied instead.

Tell Me Honestly, Do You Really Want Change?

Carole and I often meet people who want change in their lives. The thing is, though, they want people and things around them to change – not to change themselves. We explain to them, that’s not how change works.

So, How Grateful Are You?

In my last article, I looked at change and the fact that, if we want change, then we must change. In this article, I consider the need for gratitude. It is necessary to be truly grateful for what we already have before we move on to get more in our lives. You will soon find, the more you show gratitude for what you already have, the more you will have to be grateful for.

It Is What It Is: Just Another Excuse

For many of us, excuses are far too easy to use. It is simpler to say I am too busy, too tired, or it costs too much than it is to commit and follow through with the tougher steps of the goals we want to achieve. Excuses prevent us from having to deal with our underlying demons that keep getting in the way.

Strengthen Your Strengths and Watch What Happens to Your Life

If you are good at something, then you need to spend your time getting better and better at it. If you are not good at something, you need to find another way to get it done. No, this is not running away from what is important. What it is, is: 1) Using the gifts you have been given. 2) Getting better and better at what you do well. 3) Moving your life, business, career, family to outstanding.

Change: Why We Need It in Our Lives

Change is inevitable. There is no way around it. By the very nature of our existence, we change with each breath that we take. Without change we become stifled and stagnant- stuck in a life that feels empty, worthless, and unhappy.

Creating Change: Are You a Victim of Your Own Making?

I hate everything about my life- my job sucks, my spouse wants to fight all of the time, our house is old and falling apart, my friends never want to do anything with me anymore. It seems like nothing ever goes my way. I feel like everything I have ever worked for has been worthless. I am tired and lonely. I have no one left to talk to who understands. Sound familiar? Maybe you aren’t in exactly the same dark spot as the client above but have similar feelings and circumstances. The one good thing in all of this is that you recognize that you have a problem and want to make some changes.

Can We Be Counted On?

We all have people who we can count on. Some we can count on for showing up late everywhere they go. Others can be counted on for making excuses or blaming others. Then there are those we can count on for being too loud and saying the wrong things.

Creating Change: Why Do I Keep Failing?

How many times have you made a change in your life only to find yourself returning to old habits? Things are going well for a period of time and then somehow you find yourself in that old familiar place, doing the same old things, feeling stuck, and hating yourself for slipping backwards even though you were motivated for change and had a real plan in place to “make it happen” this time.

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