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An Introvert’s Guide to Not Going to Parties

If you are an introvert, there is no need to force yourself into going to parties or social gatherings if you do not want to. But not all situations are the same. Here’s how to help you decide if you’re going or not.

Learned Helplessness Can Lead to Eating Disorders

Learned helplessness is the pattern of thinking that we establish as children in situations where we have needs that are not being met. We all need to come to the realization that the world does not revolve around us; that what others think and feel is not a reflection of us but rather of their own life experience and needs; that we truly only have power over our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and that any time spent trying to control or influence others is time poorly spent and is, in our society, referred to as co-dependency or, in more extreme cases, abuse.

Self Development – Where to Start?

When we start to undergo the fascinating journey of self development and self improvement we must start at the beginning. We must start by looking at the foundation of our being. Our intrinsic values, that which is most important to us. We may have never given them much thought before, and herein lies the problem. If we haven’t explored, or even identified our most basic values then we are not living our lives consciously. We are following the values that our parents, friends, teachers or society has placed upon us. We must start our journey of self development by firstly identifying and then stating explicitly just where our values lie and what these values mean to us personally. If we don’t know exactly what we value and what those values mean to us personally then we are going through life unconsciously.

What Can You Learn From France’s Elections About Your Own Attempts at Dating and Relationships?

France’s elections can be a wake-up call for you: For more than 40 years the French people didn’t want to make any change regarding their quality of life, while the economical situation deteriorated further and further. Therefore, no matter who wins France’s elections, analysts say, France won’t be able to move forward into making the necessary changes leading to a better economical future. If you find yourself continuously failing to develop a successful intimate relationship, it is time you get up the courage to find out what truly stands in your way, make the necessary changes and move forward to develop a successful intimacy.

Is The Employee Mindset Standing In The Way Of Your Success?

The reason most people fail in the marketing industry is because they are still stuck in the employee mindset. This mindset blocks creative thinking, which is a necessary factor in becoming an entrepreneur. I will illustrate the differences between the employee mindset and the entrepreneur mindset as well as explain why one way of thinking will push you forward while the other will hold you back.

Meditation As A Coping Resource: The Yellow Blanket

It is unfortunate that the practice of meditation is generally misunderstood and often scorned. I knew someone who on hearing the mention of the word meditation put his hands together in mocking supplication and intoned ommmm with a grin on his face. Meditation is a behavioural technique that slows down the level of nervous system arousal and excitation in the body and induces a relaxed physiological state, no more or less.

How To Find Yourself

The personal development and spiritual communities imbue people with the idea of finding themselves. What does it mean to find yourself? It may be abstract to discuss, and yet many feel an instinctual drive to address this question. They sense that somehow, in some way, there is a real need to find themselves, and that when they do so, their lives will improve.

Your Roadway to Success!

Thoughts on success and achieving your goals. Motivational thoughts and observations.

Don’t Expect Life to Be Fair

We are all dealt a different hand at birth, and there’s no doubt that some people get a better hand than others. The important things is to make the most of what you have. And remember: the person with the best poker hand doesn’t always win.

Why Introverts Need to Recharge

Being introverted means you need time alone to recharge, and this is okay. Give yourself the permission to quiet down and gather strength. It is vital for your personal growth.

Everyone’s Experience Is Valid

We live in a world where political correctness has become the new default judgment. In other words, being insensitive to other’s points of view is frowned upon. On the surface, that looks like a good thing. However, in practice, it can turn into the very thing that it opposes. In this article, we’ll explore why everyone’s experience is valid, even those who are being “politically incorrect.” This is important because it can free us from our own limitations, open us to appreciating what each person has to offer, and pave the way for resolving conflict.

5 Quick Antidotes for Stress to Quickly Change Your Life

Stress can be brought on by many things, but I will share with you one thing that you may not have considered.Keep reading and discover the effects of stress as cited in the American Psychological Association’s “Stress in America” 2010 report.

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