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Shedding the Baggage of the Past

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself when things aren’t going your way. But don’t dwell in the past, move forward with the life and career you really want.

Prayer Causes You to Evaluate the Effectiveness – “The Silent Procedure”

Prayer has been called old fashion and out dated, but to the one who has experienced the wonderful result of prayer in their life, it’s a working ability to change lives in a dramatic way. Prayer is like the coming of a storm. In the case of a storm, at first there is a calm in the air, then you begin to feel a gradual change, a little breeze and a cloudy sky signifying that you should raise your expectation.

Lessons Learned From a Personal Energy Workshop

We tend to know more than we think we do about living an energetic life, but we don’t always think to put everything together to create the life we had and want to have still. Here are some lessons I gleaned from a personal energy workshop.

A State of Serenity, Peace and Lightheartedness: Does It Help?

In this fast-paced life, we run out of time and have every single day scheduled to the brim. That only leads to stress, anxiety and disappointments. How about operating from a state of serenity, peace and lightheartedness? Will this help? In order to find out, look inside.

Leaning Into Pain: The Divine Path to Freedom

Sometimes life is painful. Whether the pain stems from feeling rejected, less than, or even physical illness, it flat out hurts. Like a child running from the things we fear in the darkness, when we are in pain, no matter the cause, our natural response is to try to get away. Whatever the discomfort or the reason, we naturally want it to end.

How to Identify Your Purpose at “Work”

Identifying your purpose in life is a key component to success at work. Often times, we have no clue on what our purpose is when we are in high school and college and thus we end up choosing majors based on what we’re good at or what will bore us the least. As we grow more mature, wiser, and in our closer relationship with Christ, we begin to see the distinction between choosing a major vs having a meaningful life.

How To Develop Self Confidence – 5 Enlightening And Educative Tips You Should Know

Majority of the people who do not have self confidence are usually unable to reach their full potentials in different aspects of their lives. This is mainly because such people do not feel as if they are good enough and as a result they are passed by many opportunities. Most of the people affected by this issue usually get it from their childhood where they grow up in places where they are made to feel as if they are not good enough. Consequently they grow up believing that other people are better than them. There are also other reasons behind this issue but the fact is that such people can be able to regain their self confidence. Here are helpful tips on how to develop self confidence effectively.

7 Steps to Creating Your Vision Statement

“Your vision shows you what is possible and paints a vivid picture of the future you desire to create.” The importance of creating your vision statement is a true difference maker for those who live fulfilled lives versus those that do not.

Manners Matter 13

Conversational Manners – Good conversations are fun to be a part of – unless someone is rude. Bad manners in conversation will stifle communication and short-circuit camaraderie. Here are a few simple guidelines for mutually satisfying conversations:

4 Steps To Tame The Ego And The Lies It Has Been Telling Us

Do you know the lies that your Ego is telling you? From a very young age, we have been shaping the ego to do a certain job. It can puff us up and it can make us feel small, but how much do you really need to listen to it? Learn how you can tame that wild stallion to live a more peaceful life.

This Is One of the Most Dangerous Social Diseases Known to Humankind, Are You Ready to Take It On?

Do you allow people to talk to you or speak with you? Do you know the difference? Are you exposing yourself to one of the most dangerous “Social Diseases” that exists today? Please let me explain.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

If you just decide to get comfortable with being uncomfortable what changes can happen in your life? It is time for you to stretch your thinking past what you think is impossible. When you think bigger you receive bigger.

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