Are You Ready for Your Spiritual Awakening?! [The Journey of Consciousness]

The Recipe For Perpetual Ignorance Is To Be Content With Your Knowledge

Life is a journey of perpetual learning. It is the learners who will inherit the earth. The learned will find themselves equipped for a world that no longer exists. Commit to developing yourself. You can make no better investment than investing in yourself.

Tips On Keeping A Personal Growth Journal

Journaling is a great way of ‘dropping in’ on yourself, and measuring your progress. Whenever we want to manage a new situation, cope with a crisis, clarify what we feel, or have a better understanding of ourselves, journal keeping acts as a powerful faciliator to our growth. To get the most from your journal it needs to be a place for honest, expression of self. This may mean that you need to take steps to ensure the privacy of your journal so you feel confident that it is a safe place to be completely open and honest with yourself.

Bearing With Others

When others do or say things that are not right, remember it’s the devil and not them who is trying to stir things up in you. They need our love and support more than ever when they are not acting according to God’s will.

Good Will Hunting The Unsung Hero Is You

The title says it all: This is a movie about Will Hunting. But would Will agree? The lead character in a film is dubbed “the hero”, yet, in this story, there is most certainly an unsung hero.

Personal Development: How to Truly LIKE Yourself

We cannot not like ourselves. Even the person who takes their life is doing so as a misguided act of liking themselves. It’s because they like themselves in their center that they no longer want to be in pain-though they don’t recognize that this is what’s happening. The flower represents that aspect of us-the ego-that’s frightened of not receiving what it considers its due measure of adoration. But this need for the adoration of others is simply a counterfeit for the good feeling of ourselves that is our self-liking.

The Guidance That Your Intuition Can Give You

Intuition is the part of yourself that is presented to guide and assist you. It is a call from within you to be listened to and believed. It is the truth of who you are reaching forward to be heard. Intuition plays many rolls in its type of assistance, from small choices to important moments in our lives.

Powerful Tools, EFT and Positive Affirmations

So how do these two come together you may ask? Well, lets explore EFT further EFT is an acupressure technique that applies gentle tapping to key acupressure points to release any blockages within our energy system these blockages are often caused by unresolved emotional issues which become stagnant in our bodies.

Resistance, Acceptance, Anger and Depression

Resisting what is happening in your life is a sure way to frustration, anger and depression. No one likes bad things to happen to them. Everyone would prefer that life move along according to their needs, desires and whims.

Make The Choice To Not Harbor Ill Will

“When we harbor ill will, it’s like letting that person rent space in our brain, but we pay the rent.” When someone hurt you and even deeply hurts you, quite often it leaves you with a feeling that they owe you something.

Solitude: Time of Reflection, Meditation, Creativity and Peace

Solitude beckons some people and threatens others. For many individuals solitude is likened to being alone and to loneliness. Such perceptions interfere with grasping that solitude can be a constructive interlude in a person’s life at any age, especially in the second half of life, when we find that as we age we are often alone. The need to understand and enjoy your aloneness and solitude is essential to your well-being. Solitude is a state of mind that offers another way of being. It is peaceful and transports you into a different frame of mind and allows you to imagine a new and unique world, a world separate from your usual existence. You can meditate and practice the art of complete mindfulness. You can truly tune into your inner world.

Discover Why We Are So Busy Trying To Deny Our Humanity In Order To Become Machines Instead

In modern society it’s become unacceptable to be “human”. We’re not allowed to get sick, feel emotions, or show weakness of any kind. As a result most people have opted to try and become a machine instead. Unfortunately to be able to perform this transformation we have to sacrifice almost everything that makes us who we are.

Specialized Knowledge

In Think and Grow Rich the fourth step towards riches is Specialized Knowledge. If you are going to make money at anything you have to know about the subject, skill, service, or whatever it may be in order to succeed at it. Let’s take Internet Marketing (IM), if you want to succeed at IM you need to know how it works, you need to be able to find or make products to sell, how to build a web page or have one build for you, how to write copy or where to get good copy written, and a lot more. If you go the do it yourself route you will need to learn a lot more, than if you outsource most of it. If you are strapped for cash then you will need to learn a long list of information and this takes time. In order not to keep your motivation towards your success you need to factor in the time to learn this material while you build your IM business. There are methods you can use to make money while you learn though.

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