Are You Comfortably UNHAPPY? [Powerful Message that Makes You Think!]

Good Enough – ISN’T!

Many of our youth have the attitude of “It’s good enough”, but it really isn’t. There are a lot of adults that have the same attitude, but none of them are really successful. The title of this article pretty well says it all – “Good Enough – Isn’t!”

There’s No Such Thing As Just For Now

Every step along the way is a part of your total career curve. Here’s what you should do about it…

Finding the Centre of You

Posture is important and can help boost your appearance, and lead to a more relaxed, confident and vital version of you. All it takes is a few minutes and perseverance to see results that will leave you feeling stronger and more energised in your life.

Successful Living – 4 Tips to Practice Appreciation

Make appreciation become your lifestyle. When you’re always criticizing, ridiculing, scolding or fault-finding you’re surrounding yourself with negative energy which drains your life energy and leave you feeling like you’re under a dark cloud, whether you’re aware of it or not. Stop and think for a minute. Let’s go down memory here, the last time you criticized someone how did it feel? Or if you were ridiculing someone how did that feel? Was it uplifting, full of joy, peace and full of life-giving energy or just the opposite?

5 Tips to Help You Learn to Really Love People

Learning to love people takes a major shift in our perspective of others. If you have a difficult time trusting others then this will take some practice as with any new change. If your current perspective is that people are bad then learning to open your heart to release love in and let love out may seem difficult initially. But that can change using the next few tips I’m going to share with you.

Do You Find It Hard to Relax?

I woke up this morning humming a song that I had not heard in years. I began to wonder why this song was stuck in my head and for the life of me, could not figure it out.

How to Become Less Shy – The Best Way To Start Talking to Strangers

One of the biggest questions that arise when you’re thinking about how to become less shy is always how to start a conversation with a complete stranger. The solution to that is — as always — very easy once you know it. But it’s helped me tremendously when I was struggling to overcome my own shyness. Let me tell you how to do it in the following article.

What Is Development?

There are many forms of development, economic development, socio-economic development, environmental development, regional development and personal development. There are probably a few I’ve missed as well.

The Shortcut to Bigger Success and Less Struggle

Your job is one that often involves long hours and great pressure. If your performance isn’t up to par, your business suffers. The stakes are high and there often aren’t quite enough hours in the day to get everything done. Or perhaps you’ve been at it so long that your energy runs out before the day does. Whichever situation you find yourself in, you can’t quite see the forest because you’re surrounded by trees. It’s next to impossible for you to see yourself and your situation from a bigger perspective because you’re just too close to the situation. Does your situation have to stay such a struggle or is there an easier way forward?

What’s Keeping You From Your Goals?

Do you really know what’s holding you back? What’s keeping you from achieving the results that you’re looking for? Too often we don’t really know what is separating us from what we want – after all, we don’t know what we don’t know. Is it possible that what’s really holding you back is something that you have complete and total control over?

6 Steps to Better Focus

If you’re like most people, you keenly feel the weight of what you need to do in life. Unfortunately for some, the feeling does not leave even when you aren’t really behind on anything.

Use Your Natural Creativity to Resolve Challenges

We live in a technological age, we have computers, i-pods, cell phones and all manner of other technological devices, all of which I personally just love. But is it causing us to lose our Natural Creativity? Are we in danger of becoming too logical? Are we overlooking using our natural creativity to resolve challenges?

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