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Resistance – Why Do We Resist Change?

It is human to resist as we perceive change as a threat. This is not necessarily true but the perception we have from our past learnings. If we have the courage to go with it the change will be easier rather than hard and a struggle. Learning to let go of how we see the world is not easy if it is not in our best interest to stay there. Of course we have habits that need to be broken at times and getting out of our own comfort zone, even if it is destructive, can be hard! Our own insecurities and fears are what holds us back in our life.

Trust Your Journey

Your life may not be perfect, but be grateful for the people and experiences that happen along the way. Be thankful for what you have now and what you will manifest in the future. These people who test you are the ones who are supporting you to learn what you came to earth to learn.

Essence of Self Confidence

High levels of self-confidence give anyone, including you, more potential to do what has to be done in order to achieve your dreams and ambitions. Professionally, you can use confidence to take your career a notch higher than where it usually is. When you look confident, people will stop looking at you as a fumbling fool. They will get interested in what you are capable of doing.

What I Learned From Messy Tim

People are complex. People aren’t just one thing or another. They’re a whole bunch of things, and we can choose to focus on whatever aspect of them we want to.

3 Easy Ways To Eliminate Excuses

Have you ever been sitting in front of your computer and see people posting their results, sales, commissions, and maybe a little piece of you thinks they don’t know how bad I have it. I would get those results if I didn’t have this or that going on in my life right now.

5 Ways to Increase Your Value, Not Your Worth

You are in your 40s or 50s and are at the pinnacle of your career. The view at the top is breathtaking. The feeling is exhilarating. You have scaled the mountain of your career which, for a long time, has just been a dream. With audacity, pluck and a firm belief in yourself, you have triumphed over seemingly insurmountable odds and won. You are on top of the world. Then you ask yourself, “Now what?”

The Paradox of Risk – Why I Dropped Out of University

Some thoughts on taking risks. And why I dropped out of university.

Four Skills of an Outstanding Problem Solver

A large amount of time is spent on solving problems in our day to day personal and professional lives. The main focus is on identifying processes to address the problem and generate solutions. This article, instead, examines the actual people who make outstanding problem solvers and what skills, talents and characteristics they bring to the table.

What’s WRONG With The Way Many People Make Decisions?

Nearly every day, we are called upon to make some sort of decision. Some people attempt to avoid doing so, either by ignoring them, making believe they don’t exist in a bury your head in the sand manner, procrastinating, or fooling themselves into believing they are in control, and handling it. The few of us, who end up becoming quality, effective, reliable, decision-makers, become that way, by using their time and efforts, to become well-trained, truly learn from training and experience, differentiating between experience and expertise, developing reliable judgment which provides them with real wisdom, and…

LIAR LIAR! Discerning the Truth

Lies are betrayals… betrayals of truth. They are frequently painful, embarrassing and may be the single most frequent basis for anger. Anger is the mask that fear wears; what is so frightening about learning that you have been lied to? Our fear lies within the foundation of our judgment. Having good judgment is essential to our navigating the paths through life successfully.

The Hardest Promise to Keep

When I make a promise, I keep that promise at least that is what I thought. It wasn’t until I came across literally dozens of promises I was willing to walk away from, promises I made to someone very important to me. Why would I do that?

You’re Unique, Understand and Embrace Your Uniqueness to Start a Path to Optimal Health

Ayurveda is a system of health from India that looks at everyone as a unique person with your own unique balance. It helps you understand that you are unique. To start you process you have to start to break away from the belief systems, love your unique self and understand that you are changing.

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