Appreciation for Another Day ~ Morning Meditation

Tips on How to Deal With People

Curious on how to deal with people in the right manner? Find out more about it now.

Investigate This Self Taught Knowledge Model

Presenting a self-taught model preview to investigate different types of knowledge. Not just any kind but what you have acquired over a period of years. Have you ever thought about where knowledge goes to in your brain? What about how you remember some information and forget other data. It amazes and at the time frustrates me when I try to remember something and for the life of me cannot recall it. Then when my thoughts are on unrelated information it pops into my brain out from nowhere. I do not have all the answers but I want to check out a few thoughts on the subject.

How to Think Outside the Box

Truly creative methods of thinking are required now, when the world seems to have gone insane. No financial instrument is safe and there is no guarantee of how long a job will last, or if it will last. New means of earning money need to be discovered and the gift is a happier life.

It Is Time To Start Thinking Out of the Box

When would NOW be a good time to start thinking outside the box? These unsteady times call for a newer, more creative method of getting through life’s challenges. Pull in some original thinking and run with it!

Learning Life: Patience

We always face different facts about life. Some of them are beneficial and some are lessons to learn. Living life is not as simple as we think of it. There are ups and downs that we need to deal with. As I was growing or should I say acquiring numbers on my age, there are things that I learn in life.

It Has Long Been Overdue!

Every year thousands of people who are dissatisfied with the quality of their lives, want to change and I believe that change is an inevitable process which we all have to undergo one way or the other. Change occurs when we finish school, change jobs, move from an apartment building to a double-story house… the list is endless. The truth is, when change does occur, the individual who is experiencing that change will have to learn how to adapt.

Steps to Changing Your Life

People like to tell others that they need to change their lives but how does one do that? These simple steps will help those who desire positive change to start on the path to a better life.

2 Reasons Why You Should Seek Knowledge

Seeking knowledge is a way to help your brain function better and get stronger. If it does not get exercise then it will grow weaker. The same principle applies to weight lifters. As long as they continue on a regimented schedule then the stronger they get. As soon as they stop then over a period of time they become weaker. Muscles tend to adapt to the amount of movement and training received. Do you want a stronger mind or a weaker mind? Now is the time to decide so I encourage you to read on.

Personal Development – 5 Key Reasons Why Personal Development Could Transform Your Business

Many people go through life attending a variety of training courses to learn new skills for both personal and business reasons and often to enable them to do their job more effectively. Few people though, ever receive personal development training to help them perform better, to achieve their goals consistently or to fully utilise the power of their mind. They go through life accepting life as it is, no matter whether it is really what they want or not, allowing past events and the emotions attached to them to dictate and influence their personality.

How To Release Your Life From Torture and Pain of Goal Setting

Modern day slaves are people committing their lives to goals – setting goals to get this, and getting that. These people are disconnected to their essence and walk in darkness and they think that darkness (pleasure, luxury and fun) is light. What horrible modern day slaves!

How to Change for the Better

Maybe you have heard all about the importance of changing for the better but do you know how to do that? Even more important is the question of if that is what is really desired. What can one accomplish by striving to change?

4 Ways To Describe What Hard Work Will Do

After you ask yourself this question, “What will hard work do for me?” Then go and followup by reading the rest of this article to see exactly what it will do for you. So many people are scared like they seen a ghost so they never try it. The word hard is so debilitating they run as fast as they can away from it and never look back. You could call them a scaredy cat and that is right. But the doctors orders are to keep reading to overcome your fear of hard work it want hurt a bit.

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