Another 5 Minute Morning Meditation to get your Day Started

Terms Of Endearment – Living Your Career Dreams Now

Mother and daughter, Aurora and Emma, don’t see eye to eye very often. Because the movie covers a time span of several years, we see how they constantly disagree over each other’s choices. The tumultuous relationship comes to an abrupt halt, when Emma is diagnosed with cancer.

How To Navigate Uncertain Times (And Emerge Stronger): 7 Steps To Make Change Work For You

As an executive coach, I see first-hand every day how the current economic uncertainties are causing executive stress and insecurity. Equally, however, because most of my past and present executive clients have faced or live with the possibility of redundancy and job insecurity, I’ve seen what makes the difference in ensuring something unexpectedly brilliant can emerge from transition, professionally and personally.

Getting Caught Out in an Untruth – The Little Prince Series

Whenever we are caught out, such as being found making an egoic statement we can’t back up, we have a tendency to deflect the fact we’ve been caught out onto the person who caught us. Until we are firmly grounded in consciousness, the state of presence that’s our true being, it’s just not that easy for us to come clean and simply state, “I shifted into my ego. My true being doesn’t believe what I just said at all.”

If You Could

Too often we get sidetracked from creating and living the life of our dreams by reasons that once may have been valid but are no longer. Trouble is, it’s been so long since we first faced those deterrents to our dreams that we’ve become immune to them. We no longer recognize them as they continue to play in the background, keeping us from doing, having, and being what we’d love. In this article discover the questions that will help you gain awareness of the subliminal messages continually playing in your memories.

What Money Can’t Buy

All the things can be bought with money. But money can’t buy the values, the characters and the meaning in life that give us the motivation to continue living.

Free From Manipulation and Being a Control Freak!

What do Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise and Kate Gosselin have in common? They are famous control freaks! Let me introduce her not-so-long-distant cousin of the female manipulator, the control freak. How are the control freak and the manipulator related? The control freak is obsessed with being in the middle of things, directing, assigning and telling (or demanding). The manipulator isn’t necessarily in the middle but is on the side-lines just to make sure everything goes her way – as she intended. The control freak needs control. The manipulator needs to control you.

Meditation Programme – Why Meditation Is So Hard And Take So Long

Some years ago I saw an advert for a meditation product that promised me that I could meditate like a Zen master and without 25 years of practise several hours a day. I was sceptical, but interested, and did some research. Here is a summary of what I found…

The Understanding of Attachment

In the initial years of our lives, our idea of ourselves evolves from the symbiotic unification of the mother and baby. With time, we realize that we are different from our parents. First we realize that we have a detached physicality, and finally we construct an identity, originally formed on the responses given by our parents.

You Don’t Have To Be Paralyzed By Fear

We humans can find the silliest things to be afraid of. Many of us live our lives in fear, too paralyzed by our fears to move.

The Five Whys of Problem Solving

Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Corporation believed that to solve a problem you must ask a “why” question five times. It’s a very powerful way to solve problems that is used around the world to this day.

Ask Yourself, Are You A Control Freak?

It can be hard to know if you are a control freak or not because most people who are manipulators are unaware themselves of their behavior. Contrary to the stereotype, control freaks are usually not angry, barking, dictators giving white glove inspections. Upon the first several meetings, you probably won’t notice any controlling characteristics at all in the control freak.

You Can Get More By Doing Less

I reminded you of John Wooden’s admonition not to confuse activity with achievement. Good advice for sure. Being busy and being productive are separate issues. Strangely though, deep down inside, we like being busy because it gives us the false sense of being productive, but this is only an illusion. It doesn’t matter how many trivial activities we complete, they’re still trivial and don’t improve productivity or contribute to the bottom line.

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