An Everyday Mindful Meditation

Be Grateful for Your Gunk

This month has kind of felt like I’ve been walking through sludge! I’ve been experiencing some growing pains and bumping up against some really deep inner barriers. The kind of stuff that drains your energy on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. I bet you know exactly what I mean, don’t you?

Boundaries – Discover How To Say No

Do you struggle with telling other people no? Do you allow others to turn your no into a yes? Well if you answer yes to this then I’m here to help you and guide you on how you can begin to start saying no to an unwanted request and still be at peace about it. We all want to be accepted by others. We don’t like to make others upset with us, so we continue to give in to their demands. In order for you to become a mighty woman of God, you have to start setting some boundaries in your life with the people in your life, and get out of the people pleasing mentality.

Conquering Loneliness

Many women do not know how to deal with being lonely. Some confuse the fact that they are alone right now with being or feeling lonely. Loneliness can cause a person to go into deep depression. My desire is to show you how to conquer the feelings of loneliness and how to win in this area of your life.

Be Ready for New Possibilities

What are you putting up with in your life or business that you really don’t care for? What do you wish could be different?

Your Personal Best Practices: 5 Success Habits You Can Adopt Today

Your personal best practices are the foundation for your success. The incremental changes you make to your habits and behaviors greatly impact your results. Adopt these five success habits starting today for better results tomorrow and for years to come.

Burned by Coffee or Burned by Heartbreak – They Feel the Same

Did you know that heartbreak hurts as much as a coffee burn? Learn to embrace and release this pain rather than getting stuck in suffering.

Every Master Was Once a Disaster

Don’t let perfection get in the way of being good. No one is perfect. But it takes time to even get close to that unrealistic goal.

Life Truth 1: People Policies Matter, Company Policies Don’t

Many of us never think twice about abiding by our company’s policies, but how often have you thought about your own ‘personal policies’? Take the time to develop the habits of kindness, generosity, gratitude and forgiveness, and watch your world transform.

Helping Others, God’s Purpose For His Children!

Helping others, who has the time? Our platters are full and running over! My goodness, we are not able to spend but very little quality time even with our own family, how in the world does anyone expect us to find a slot in my life for helping others?

The Devil I Know Is Better Than The Devil I Don’t Know

We hear this over and over again: people don’t change. And although this is not entirely true, it is very difficult sometimes for us to change. Change takes us into new, unchartered territory-unknown territory-and the unknown is also unpredictable. We rather stay with what is certain and avoid uncertainty. So, we take the path of least resistance.

Objective Morality Does Exist

Morality is indeed invented by humans, but we can use certain subjective concepts as a basis for an objective gauging of it. It is fueled by desire – no divine injunction or wisdom is necessary to realize that we should treat others as we wish to be treated.

Traubuse: The Trauma and Abuse Symbiosis

Psst! Abuse. Shhh! Voicing openly on the subject of abuse is still largely considered taboo and best kept as ‘civilized’ society’s dirty little ‘bully secret’, so “it’s best not to go there”, right? Wrong!

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