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Transforming Your Year

Everyone tells you that you must have a clear vision of where you want to go and who you want to be. Not everyone tells you exactly how – and how not – to get to that vision.

Powerful Messages to Support All Your Life Transitions

You can’t prevent life’s changes. Whether large or small or both, we’re always going through some kind of transition. Since we can’t avoid them, we need to learn to handle them well. Use these powerful messages – born from the birthing room – to help you handle them well.

Looking Through the Eyes of Innocence

What changes when we look with complete innocence at everyone and everything around us? It means we remove the labels, the filters that we have put into place from previous experiences. Labels include mother, father, spouse, child, friend enemy… these embody all of our previous experiences and perceptions we have put into place, creating the filter through which we ‘see.’

Don’t Let Your Fears Prevent You From Succeeding

Think of one small action, which you know you have been procrastinating on due to fear and just do it. Something, which is just slightly outside of your comfort zone so, you begin to develop the muscle of greater courage and consistent action despite fear.

11 Ways To Make Your RESOLUTIONS Become Reality

It’s the time of year that most people examine their lives, goals, and ambitions, and make some sort of commitment to making meaningful changes in their manner of proceeding and behaving, in order to hopefully be better in the upcoming year than they have been in the past. You don’t want to merely be one of the masses who make New Year’s Resolutions, merely to quickly forget and/ or abandon them! It is incumbent upon each of us to avoid the often – easy path of simply using empty rhetoric or wishful thinking, but rather develop an action plan that…

4 Steps to Having It All

You can have it all if you’re willing to be brutally honest about what you most care about right now. Here are four steps to getting clear on works best for your life so you can live as if you have it all.

Why Do We Fall In Love – Can We Control It

Why do we fall in love? Why do we love someone or even something and reject or hate others? It began shortly after that magical first breath. Consciousness of life itself hails the birth of all of our senses. And love is a sensing thing! Even at birth, we fall in love. Our mind loves what it perceives to be a pleasurable experience. The first warm loving touch of our mother, a blanket that makes us feel secure, food that nourishes us… all are pleasurable experiences that are repeated and interpreted as love by our brain.

Timing, Rollercoasters and Yoga

“Be careful what you wish for” is not advice… it is a fact. Insightful pushes to live fearlessly versus methodically allowing “common sense” to lead the way is a precarious balance.

SUCCESS And The Power Of Belief (Part 3 of 3)

In order for you to succeed, you will also need to have a great confidence and reassurance in yourself and your ideas, and depending on your chosen road to success you may also require the ability to sway other people around to your way of thinking. How can you gain the confidence and the ability to convince others? No one else is going to believe in you, if you do not believe in yourself.

Desire and Fear Go Only So Far

We all know that desire for gain and fear of loss are powerful motivators. But even when motivation is present we often fail to act. Belief is the component that inspires all action and lack thereof.

Things You Can Learn From My Broken Leg – Yes It Talks! Well, to Me at Least!

“You better shut the door before the cat gets out” a voice in my head whispered. It is always a bit of a circus act getting the dog out to do her thing and corralling the cat so he doesn’t escape out into a world that is not meant for him. So I turned fast in an attempt to keep the cat inside and as I twisted the other way, my only choice was to not so gracefully fall off of the front step. “Crack” yes that was my bone and then that little voice whispered to me again, “This is the day you break your leg.”

Get Rid of Apathy Before You Are Rid Of

Do you feel any of these some days? After dragging yourself from bed, you go through your early morning rituals more asleep than awake; you drive to the office with a poker face, silently wishing going the other way. Then you get to the office and immediately head for the coffee machine where you take excessively slow and long sips from your cup as you drag your feet to your cubicle… If you do, then beware.

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