Allow Your Desires to Manifest Guided Meditation

Tips for Climbing Out When Stuck in a Rut

I am beginning another new venture. It’s something I did, a very long time ago, but I enjoyed it and I think I will enjoy it again.

What If I Don’t Have Faith?

I have a dear friend who’s having a rough time these days. She has hurts from her childhood and youth, as well as hurts from her adult life that she is reliving every day. She is so caught up in what was that she can’t see what is. I think we’ve all had times in our lives when this was true so that we can’t see today.

How to Deal With Difficult People

“We need to talk,” your partner says. You hear The Tone and glance up from your book. They’ve got that Look on their face. You know, The Look. The closer they get, the more sure you are. Trouble. With a capital “T”. Cue the opening bars from the Jaws soundtrack. A sick feeling in your stomach kicks up, and you feel weak. Your heart pounds, your palms sweat, and your mind races. “What now?” you wonder from a confused place inside. Welcome to your brain and body on emotional contagion. You have literally “caught” the emotional upset of your partner. It’s not hard to do. We are actually programmed through several complex physiological systems, electrical, hormonal, and chemical, to literally pick up and take on each others negative emotional states. We can tune into each others positive emotions, too, of course, but catching the negative ones are as easy as picking up head lice in a room full of infected kindergartners.

How to Overcome Loneliness and Find Yourself Some Friends

First of all understand totally there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. If you have feelings of loneliness there are steps you can take to rectify the problem. Some of the steps yield immediate results and others are long-term with lasting results.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious: Finding Your Record Button

When we were children, we were in a state of absorption. We took in the world around us and the beliefs and thoughts of those who cared for us, our parents, grandparents, school teachers, religious teachers, doctors and many more. We were like little sponges and our subconscious just soaked up all the information and the beliefs of the people who were important in our lives. We didn’t choose our beliefs or our thoughts, but we followed along with our environment.

Don’t Go Into the Gold Mine Looking for Dirt

There will always be some dirt in our lives. The question is will it be the focus or will the gold amidst the dirt be where the attention is paid? I don’t know about you but I’ve moved enough dirt in my life.I think it is time for some gold to shine in the high noon sunlight of a summer’s day.

3 Steps To Completing Your Online Reputation Management

Unfair, invalid, vindictive comments and reviews have shown up on your Google results. Is it time to panic? What are you going to do? How do you dilute the effects of damage to your reputation on the Internet?

Charting Your Course for Improving Performance

Improving performance and productivity can be comparable to charting a ship’s course from Point A to Point B. Years ago, I served as a navigator’s assistant in the United States Navy. It was my job to help chart our ship’s course from one location to another, and make necessary course corrections during the journey to be sure we arrived at our destination as planned. At the end of my four-year Navy career, I realized the same navigational fundamentals we used for getting a ship from San Diego to the South China Sea were absolutely applicable for charting a personal or organizational course for success and achievement. Here are the five navigational fundamentals I worked with, along with some applications for personal and professional development:

Learn From Your Experience, A Way To Personal Improvement

Change is the only constant thing in this world. And to adapt to these changes, self improvement is necessary. With our fast moving society and advancing technology, a person must improve holistically to handle everything in their life effectively. In order for one to fulfill their true potential, individuals need to keep developing and improving which is exactly what life coaching can help you do.

Victim of the Ego

Our EGO is a very powerful force – it exists to allow us to develop a separate identity because our present society encourages it. For most people, they are so lost in their Ego world that they have no idea they have disconnected from their consciousness. Consumed by Fear and Self-identification, it is virtually impossible to shift toward Love, because our Ego is so busy preserving the status quo. The status quo may not be one that supports our best potential, but because it is familiar, it is to be protected no matter the cost. When this happens and we are consumed by our fears, we often turn to victimizing our Selves by blaming others for our pain (to assume any personal responsibility would jeopardize the Ego we worked so hard to protect). This is a trap, which unfortunately our culture supports. Observing the Ego is our gateway to awareness of and then release of Self.

Embrace Your Blooming, and Divine, Right Timing

Someone once said, “There’s man’s time and there’s God’s time.” Man’s time is typically the forced time of trying to make things happen when WE want them to. God’s time is the natural unfolding of events happening when THEY are ready to happen. Understanding there is a natural timing to all things, and then allowing that and working with that, is a great skill and awareness to have.

Creating a Life You Love – How To Overcome Shyness When Dating!

If you are single and just dread going on a date, especially that first date because you are extremely shy, there is no reason to feel all alone in the situation. First thing you should probably realize is that the other person is probably just as nervous about the date as you are. This is especially true if it happens to be a blind date.

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