Allow Universe to Manifest Miracles Through You – Just Do This! [The Secret]

Journal Writing: Helpful or Harmful?

Journal writing can be helpful and harmful. This article addresses ways writing can help to solve problems, clarify what makes you happy, and resolve stressful events. Read on to learn effective ways to write about your relationships, internal and external conflicts, and find clarity with within. You are on your way toward personal growth with just pen and paper in hand.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Bucket List

When we hear the term “bucket list” we immediately think of making a list of the things we want to experience prior departing from this world. The bucket list need not be something we write upon learning we have a terminal illness. It can be started much earlier than this.

How to Become Peaceful

We all think of peace as a lack of war. What is peaceful – Becoming peaceful means we can deal with the daily mayhem we all must wade through. Peaceful implies we don’t panic and ultimately we are in control of our reactions – we are in control of our stress hormones. We can take the cacophony of challenges hurled at us and turn it all into a melodious inner symphony.

Professional Poker Players Remain Expressionless With Botox When Going All In

Recently there has been a sharp increase in the amount of Poker players taking advantage of cosmetic procedures to give themselves a leg up on the competition. Learn why so many are turning to Botox.

Start Loving Yourself

If you are not happy, don’t feel good about yourself, worry what others think, lack confidence, perform poorly, always seek approval of others, then that’s an indication that you don’t love yourself. The day you start loving yourself your world will start changing for the better.

Is Your Developmental Care Practice Based on Perception?

I remember this moment clearly. I was invited to tour a newly redesigned NICU after giving a presentation at the hospital. It was a beautiful, functional and family-centered environment.

Do You Really ‘Have To’?

The human brain is a funny thing. Despite all the effort I’ve made over the years to change my mindset and thought processes, I do often catch it slipping back in those old, engrained ways of thinking.

Have You Done Your Homework?

Most people believe that homework is only for school going children, I believe homework is more important when you start working for an Organization or for yourself. If you don’t do your homework well, it will reflect in your performance, that’s why it is said, prior proper planning prevents poor performance. Homework is a high payoff task because it helps you achieve your most important goals, helps you realize your dreams.

Things Do Not Always Happen On Our Schedule

One of the negatives of living in a fast paced society is that we become increasingly impatient and despondent when things don’t happen in our life as quickly as we hope they will. We find ourselves out of a job, and within a couple of weeks or a month, we begin to panic when our telephone calls or the applications we send in online return no response.

The Drama Triangle

When having these feelings, his immediate reaction was to rush in and “fix the problem” as he saw it by relieving his other family members of their responsibilities by taking them over himself. His movement into “hero” role while satisfying for the moment, only provided temporary relief.

Allow Yourself To Step Back and Evaluate Where You Are

Most of us find ourselves busy with several things at once. It’s no different for me.

What Is Success? The Habits That Distinguish Success From Failure

For a long time, people have wondered what differentiates a success from a failure. In this article, I argue that the difference between people who succeed at their dreams and those who fail to achieve their dreams are a few simple habits repeated daily…

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