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How to Get Over the Past: Set New Goals

The past can be happy, but there are times we just can’t forget what put us down. Those times when we lost someone, left by someone, or didn’t fulfill a goal, are audios that couldn’t be broken, and journals that couldn’t be torn. Needles come pricking windows of our past.

Ever Ask Why?

Seems kind of silly, doesn’t it? That we wouldn’t leave on a long trip without a purpose, but we will live out our lives without knowing why or what’s our purpose.

8 Ways to Live a Life That Will Change The World Forever

I wanted to compile few success techniques that if I follow, and if I use as my foundation, will help me perform world class work, and live my potential. After taking the best principles from various self-improvement articles and books, here is my summary.

Anger Management – A Self-Help Strategy

Anger is a destructive emotion even though it’s a very common experience. Everyone gets angry at some time or another. Although some people have learned such self-control that they won’t show their feelings, rest assured that their close friends, relatives, and especially their doctor know that they are angry. It can show up in migraine headaches, ulcers, skin problems, allergies, and even sexual problems. While these problems are not always or even most always related to angry feelings, there is a relationship between feelings and physical well-being.

Get Lost in Order to Find Yourself

For it’s only when you’re lost, that you can be found. And I don’t mean someone else finds you but rather YOU find you, you reignite your internal flame, you uncover your inner passions, your drive, your calling, your true self. For most of us, this rediscovery comes during or after a period of feeling adrift, lost, with a waning appetite for life, or perhaps as a result of a tragedy or health crisis. And for a lot of us, a major episode of this happens in our mid-30′s to mid-40′s. But this isn’t typically a once-in-a-lifetime experience – we can get lost many times in our lives, and to varying degrees.

Count Your Blessings – The Key To Developing Excellence

Thought and Principle: If we all took the time to count our blessings, we would never complain. I remember this day well when I heard this. It made me realize the blessings that are all around us that we may never see because we are too busy complaining about the things we have no control over.

Birth Yourself

“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself.” (Erich Fromm). And not just once, but over and over again. Just as a snake sheds its skin in order to grow, so do we as humans need to reinvent ourselves, or rather rediscover more of our authentic self, from time to time. Have you outgrown the skin you’re in? Are you ready for the next phase of yourself?

We Live in the Shades of Gray

In another article entitled “To Live is the Rarest Thing”, I asked if you are living or existing. I would like to clarify that my questions are not meant to elicit a black or white answer from you. In most cases, your answer will fall on the continuum somewhere between the two choices – in other words, in the gray area. Become aware of how you are moving through life (ie are you more toward the “living/alive” end of the spectrum, or more toward the “existing/going through the motions” end of the spectrum?). What is your shade of gray?

To Live Is The Rarest Thing

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” (Oscar Wilde) Are you really living your life? Finding joy in small things, peace in unexpected moments, happiness for no reason…. Or are you merely existing? Going through the motions with no sense of purpose or fulfillment, leading a life of quiet desperation, existing for tomorrow or reminiscing about the past….

Expect Nothing – Accept Everything

Any time you have an expectation about something, anything – a person, event, or outcome – you are setting yourself up for pain. Because as we’ve talked about before, you can’t control your external environment or the people in it. The only thing you can manage is your internal climate.

Judgment Is the Difference

A Native American friend of mine told me that her culture has no word for “weed”….because the only difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment. It made me think about all the times in my life when I interpreted an event or situation as “bad”….and I wondered if perhaps it was simply my judgment that perceived it that way? In reality, was it possible that each experience was really something neutral, and it was I who turned it into something negative?

If I’m Perfect, No One Will Reject Me – Healing Perfectionism

Do you believe that being “perfect” gives you control over how people feel about you?” If you do, then you are coming from 3 big false beliefs that are causing you much unhappiness. False Belief #1 “I can have control over how people feel about me.

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