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If You Want Success Be Ready to Grow

Anything that doesn’t grow dies. Stagnation, routine or complacency are just camouflaged regression. This condition associated with stagnation is not able to exist in nature, any more than it will in human beings. Everything is actually in movement, everything that exists is increasing or decreasing, remain the same.

What Does Mindfulness Have to Do With Change?

All of us go through change all of the time. Every day. Change is the only constant these days. It happens and it happens fast. What are you doing about all of the change in your life? Are you resisting it? Letting it wash by you? Embracing it? Letting it take you where it will? I imagine that most of us do all of these things based on the change that is happening at the time. But what would it be like if we were more in charge of our responses to change? What would it be like if we were more out in front of it?

How People Change

The French philosopher, Henri Bergson, once said that, “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” Change is unavoidable. Change is continuous and is occurring all the time. Our country changes, our city changes, our neighborhood changes, our family changes, and we as individuals change. Sometimes it may not be perceptible by someone on the outside. But, we know ourselves better than anyone else that we have changed. Our political views changed, our attitudes changed, our appearances changed, and even our faculties changed.

How to Manage Religious Persecution

Just when you think that people these days are more open and liberal than the forefathers, you realize that there are still misconceptions in society. For one, you are very susceptible to religious persecution.   Religious persecution is defined as the act of persecuting, judging, or condemning individuals based on their religious affiliations.

Get Unstuck From Life’s Obstacles

Have the bumps in your road of life turned into mountains? Do you feel like there are obstacles at every turn? Or, are you facing a particularly big obstacle in your life right now and wondering how to get past it? Of course, all of us go through this because life is never a smooth journey but there are some things we can all learn that will help us keep moving forward when life throws us a mountain, a hairpin turn or a detour.

Get Unstuck By Changing Your Perspective

Most of the time when we get in a stuck spot we have closed down our ability to generate options and possibilities. We have begun to rely on a single perspective and it is keeping us from idea generation. That causes us to keep going over and over the same ideas until we get frustrated, angry and even depressed. We may begin to feel there is no way out. We grasp at straws and even those do not serve us well because we do not have the capacity in our current state to think through them and their consequences. Does this sound like a place you are in?

Getting Unstuck By Changing Your Venue

You know that old saying “I’ve got to get away for a few days?” Well it is true. If you are feeling stuck and frustrated you may need to change your venue. Sometimes we get to a place where we do not feel we can think clearly, we might feel like we are just going around and around spinning our wheels in one place. If you are trying to figure something out and are just going over and over the same answers you are probably in a stuck place. You may need to make the opportunity to get away from your problem and then take a look at it differently.

Huna, Physics and the Law of Attraction

The seven principles of Huna help you understand that you are a limitless being connected to everyone and everything else in the universe with unlimited power available to you to create the life you choose. Take good care of your energy and your thoughts and your emotions will follow bringing you joy, love and the life you desire. It’s easier than you think, if you know it only happens NOW.

Create Your Tool Bag for Change!

Many of us are experiencing great changes in our lives. As we shift negativity out of our world, many emotions come to the surface for clearing and releasing. The world is shifting, and while we’re seeing great changes in our political and financial systems especially, we are also experiencing great transformation of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Discover tools to make changes now!

A Path To Yoga

In yoga the truest statement I have heard is that “we are who and what we think we are”. Our minds control our destiny and what we are today determines who we are tomorrow. What and who we were yesterday determines what and who we are today.

Overcoming My Fear Of Dancing

During the course of my teens and into my college days I was always fearful of going to dances. Just the thought of attending a high school dance was enough to give me an anxiety attack. This lasted thru my first marriage.

Be Here Now

Whether we’re beating ourselves up, distracting ourselves with daydreams, or worrying about Armageddon, one thing remains constant: we are not present for what is actually happening right now. And that means we’re missing our actual life.

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