Temporary Work Is Still Work

There is a need to change the mindset about work. Temporary work or temporary jobs should be looked upon as an option in order to provide food and needs in these hard times.

Take Notice of the Power of Words

Have you ever considered the words you use and the power they possess? This article speaks about the power of words and how they affect life experiences. Take a look at your life. Does it match what you’re saying?

Appreciating Those Differences

As my life has evolved these last few years, one thing that is certain is that I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know well a wide range of individuals. When you enter the coaching profession and first enter coach training, you become aware quickly that the discipline attracts a wide range of individuals. Coaches come from all walks of life.

You Have Lost Them for Good When You Say You Can’t

I had a very frustrating experience recently with my bank. I went to deposit money in an account. It is an account I use infrequently, however, which annually is the source for funding an important bill that is paid to benefit members of my family. In trying to deposit money, as I had in past years, the teller ran into problems with the transaction. Upon calling her manager I learned my account had been closed.

What’s The Point In Knowing Unless You Gain The Benefit Of Applying?

I am amazed at the amount of conversations I facilitate with people who state ‘Yeah, yeah, I know that, but’, yet knowledge without application is redundant.  So I ask you, ‘What is the point in investing in knowledge, unless you APPLY what you have learnt?

How Do You Manage Those Valleys?

I have been a huge baseball fan all of my life. Every year there are teams that get off to good starts on their season. They play well during the months of April and May and jump out to a lead in the standings against their competition. Then they enter the month of June, and all of a sudden things start happening.

Rebound Mechanisms and Losing Yourself

Besides the mental and physical thrill of a new relationship, learning everyone about the new special someone fills a need. When you break up, what are some of the activities you throw yourself into? What hobbies can you learn that are fun and fill the void of discovering everything about a partner?

Do You Make the Most of Detours When Faced With Roadblocks?

I tend to do a lot more driving during the middle of the work day than I used to when I was employed in my corporate career. When you are a sole proprietor and meet your clients at various public locations that will happen. One of the things that I have come to learn is there are a number of roadblocks and detours a daytime driver may need to take into account on their travels.

Provide Them a Proposal to Show What You Can Offer

You are in the midst of your job search. You’re starting to make contacts in your field, and perhaps even speaking with representatives from companies that you can see yourself working for some day. However, those with whom you are speaking have never worked with you before.

Look to Say It As Simply As You Can

The current difficult job market can make many a job searcher paranoid about just what wording to include on their resumé or to be part of the verbal pitch they use to present themselves. This can lead to many approaches that are not optimal. One may choose to use language that is full of a lot of jargon that is appropriate from your last job position or company, but which does not translate well at all to other employers.

How to Decline an Invitation to a Family Holiday

It is difficult to resist requests from people with whom you have close relationships, because of your fear that they will take offence. But agreeing to something that you resent damages your authenticity in the relationship and over time does more harm than being truthful from the beginning.

Rebounds and Impulsive Love Shopping

Who hasn’t dated a person, or bought a pet on impulse based on looks or your mood? I have and learned my lesson the hard way. Patience is best. This article highlights some of my relationship failures and how very much I learned.

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