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Become an Active Learner for Life

We must understand learning as an active, life-long process. It is only by becoming involved in our own learning that we’ll be able to compete in an ever changing world and keep up with new ideas and new technologies. And active mind would be a greatest asset in your path to success.

The Art of Living

“Common Sense… blah! I heard that before… this is boring.” Is it? Would you then place the wish of Good Health and Long Life at the bottom of your life?

No More Standing Still – Keep Moving Forward

How long can you stand still before you become stuck in the mud? When will it be time to move forward again, with your dreams, your hopes and more?

7 Tips to Being More Appreciated As A Waitress or Waiter

Do you ever wonder how you can make more money on tips as a waitress or waiter? This article has seven guidelines to do exactly that.

How Children Learn to Be Confident

One of the many joys of being a grandparent is being able to watch your grandchildren grow from being shy and timid, to being full of self assurance. We all want our children to grow and become all that they can be, doing and having what they want out of life, however, many children are not taught the skills from an early age and end up as failures.

Self-Less, Self-Ish or Self-Interested?

People who place a priority on caring for others often tend to put self-care at the bottom of the list, to the point that they may wonder whether they even count for anything. Moving from self-lessness to a desirable mid-point of self-interest may require an initial pendulum swing to selfishness.

Are You Emotionally and Financially Ready To Retire?

The question of am I ready to retire or can I retire is one that must be answered by considering two important factors. The first to truly consider is am I mentally and emotionally ready to move on to the next phase of my life, leaving the job I’ve had for 30 to 40 years, and the second question is am I financially able to quit my job.

How Can I Become A Better Person Without Getting Stuck In Hopeless Aspiration?

Much of psychotherapy and personal growth coaching is about strengthening the ego, integrating the self, correcting one’s self-image, building self-confidence, the establishing of realistic goals and so on. However, some therapists tend to believe that self-insight into our hang-ups or personal problems is sufficient for personal growth. It is as if new ways of thinking are sufficient for changes in behaviour. But what happens in counselling shows that the process of personal change involves much more than this. So how can we become better people if insight and understanding is not enough?

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Using The Easiest Method

You are about to learn one of the easiest methods for developing your psychic abilities. This method doesn’t take long hours, nor does it take several years in order to feel that you have developed a substantial part of your psychic abilities.

7 Tips for Keeping a Travel Journal

If you’re travelling this summer, bring along a blank notebook especially for journaling. Read the seven steps to happy journaling journeys in this article, and discover ways to enhance both your experience of traveling and your memories of it.

Are You Ready to Forgive?

One of the most important and often overlooked energy principles for success is that of forgiveness. There is so much more to this than can be written in one article, and this is often one of the things people find most difficult because not only do you find that you might be holding on to resentments that are difficult to let go of, there can also be layers to each situation, and therefore layers of forgiveness.

What to Do When You’re Being Disrespected

What do you do when you’re being disrespected, at work or anywhere else? While I know it’s difficult to keep your feelings, attitudes, and actions in check in these situations, I also know that whenever I let someone get to me so badly that they cause me to behave in a manner that does not reflect who I really am, I walk away feeling worse… not about them, but about myself. Here are a few tips that will help you walk away feeling confident and in control.

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