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Why Is Having to Make a Speech So Stressful?

“Stand up and Make a Speech? I would rather die!” Heard that before? Said it yourself – or something similar? You would rather die than propose a toast at a birthday party or as best man at a wedding? Is it really as bad as that?

Why Image Is Your Greatest Asset

In the book The Millionaire Messenger, Brendan Burchard teaches the reader how sharing your unique story creates distinction. If this is true, how can you create a story and a message so compelling that is immediately draws people into your inner circle of confidence. A circle that makes people want to be around you and buzz with excitement and ultimately determines your success?

Sowing And Reaping – Seven Guiding Principles

God’s principles have outlived human civilizations and remain true to their application. Sowing and reaping is a symbolical analogy of the spirit of giving and receiving expected of born again believers. From the scripture we learn that if we give (sowing), we shall also receive (harvest). As believers we should be alert and ready to carry out the clear commands of our Great God concerning seeding for harvest. Here are seven guiding principles to sowing and reaping that will transform your life.

Getting Motivated for Physical Development

The body is of vital significance which is the temple that houses your great creative power. To reach your intended destination, it must perform! This is why you may need to set a goal to fuel your body for greater performance.

Plasticity: Changing the Brain

Our old conception of the brain as a biological computer has been radically altered by recent research. The idea of plasticity–that even an adult brain constantly rewires itself–produces a much more optimistic view of personal growth. Understanding principles of neural pathways gives us new insights into how to alter patterns of behavior.

Why Is Change So Hard?

Why do we have so much difficulty making changes in our lives? If self-improvement books were all it took to produce change, we’d all be perfect. Understanding the importance of our emotional mind and our core beliefs will enable us to deal better with obstacles to change.

The High Cost of Perfectionism

This article initially discusses the prevalence of perfectionism in our society, outlines its traits and its ultimate costs mentally, physically to self and others. The article also offers suggestions to free oneself of the negative effects of perfectionism, and encourages the pursuit of excellence instead.

Skepticism: Helping or Hindering?

Healthy skepticism is a good thing but what if we could actually reframe it and call it ‘awareness’ instead? Here’s why, the definition of skepticism has a negative bent to it – ‘an attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or toward a particular object.’ See, we’re already starting out with a filter of doubt and given the way the mind works – if we’re expecting something to not be true – our subconscious mind will automatically look for evidence of our focus.

Myth Busted – First Impression Is The Last Impression

Image consulting is all about fixing your image, right? So how can your first impression be the last? I strongly oppose this thought.

Self Development – Are You A ‘Mismatcher’?

Knowing whether you are a matcher or a mismatcher or neither can make life much easier. These terms are used in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a person’s ‘Meta-Program’ to describe a person’s habitual thinking patterns. Let’s find out more.

Security Through Opportunity

Only in about the last 100 years has virtually anyone in the developed and free countries been able to better their circumstances and embrace opportunities to do so. The cost of security is less freedom. Therefore we should not seek security; we should seek opportunity. The only way to take advantage of opportunity is to get busy and work hard.

Gaining Perspective By Immersion In Another Culture

It’s true that, in order to grow, we must step outside of our comfort zones. I decided to do just that by traveling overseas to a land where I did not speak the language beyond the usual basic greetings. In doing so, I learned a few things about language, life, and love. These are a few of those life lessons.

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