All is Well ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

How to Create a Vision Board in 4 Steps Using Photoshop

A vision board is also called goal board or goal map. It is simply a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life. How to make it? It is easy.

Who I Am

It was the summer of ’64’ in Reno, NV. My brother and I needed to make some money.

Courage to Persevere

To begin with I would like to ask you a question and to think carefully about your answer. “Have you ever been faced with an opportunity but declined to take it because of a lack of courage”? Before answering that we need to know exactly what is courage?

Identity Transition

It is somewhat difficult for people to find meaning in life unless they have a clear and favorable identity. We must see ourselves as a specific type of person in our social, work, and personal relationships.

To Succeed, You Must Stop Doing This!

As women entrepreneurs, one of the things we do all the time is to pass through our successes very quickly! Well, I’m here to tell you that this habit, this practice, must stop. It must stop here and it must stop now. Let me tell you why.

How Do I Know I Am Living My Purpose?

One of the most perplexing questions of all time is, “Why am I here – what is my purpose?” The answer is really rather simple, however, most of us have a tendency to complicate and confuse life purpose with life plan.

The Eternal Bond

What makes a person want to know who their ancestors were? Are you entitled to know where your heritage is from?

Fears – An Ebony Tunnel And Science

There are many theories as to how mankind was originally formed, how we arrived on this planet, and where we are going after we leave here. One possible theory…

Whispers – Know Yourself

We are very familiar with our human self and how to live on earth in human bodies. We understand our physical bodies, how they are made up and how we can use them.

5 Key Practices to Leadership and Personal Success

We all know that our success relies on our ability to connect with people. As we are all trying hard to be “friendly” in our online network, often time we still encounter someone came across “rude” or very sale-pitchy way.

How to Overcome Inner Conflict

Commitment! By making a decision and sticking to it no matter what and staying committed without letting unwanted thoughts drift into your mind you will be able to deal with any obstacle in your way. Inner conflict only creates indecisiveness and an open invitation to stress and losing confidence in ourselves and our abilities

How to Develop WISDOM

Unfortunately most people are totally oblivious to wisdom. They don’t take the time to separate right from wrong they just go with the flow most of the time.

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