Align with your Higher Self ~ Lions Gate Meditation

How to Increase Self Esteem

The point of this article is to draw your awareness on how to increase self esteem. Those with low self esteem create a STORY in their minds connected to low self worth. Let’s be clear – you were born worthy of high self esteem. One need only look to children to see how self orientated they are. You didn’t convince your parents to love you when you were young – you were born as an expression of the love they had for one another.

Self Development – Learning To Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself is for most people a life-long journey, with ups and downs. For some it might be a very conscious one, for others they might be totally oblivious to the fact. Let’s have a look at what’s happening on the path to self-love.

Projects, Programs and Portfolios – What Are They Anyway?

This is the starting article of a set on project management. We start with the distinction between projects, programs and portfolios. Progressively we shall cover the processes involved in project management; what inputs are required, what tool and techniques could be used and the expected outputs of the relevant processes.

Forever Alone

How does it feel living alone in a four-cornered room? How does it feel walking alone on a busy street while the people around you are having someone whom they can talk and chat on to while walking? How does it feel whenever your class is having an activity by two or three or so, and then nobody would come and approach you to be his or her partner or group mate?

Courage In Your Pit

Do you have the courage to stand in your pit when faced with overwhelming circumstances? Have you ever encountered a pit situation that left you so fearful that you could not move? In order to stand in your pit, you will have to have courage.

Make Peace With Your Past

Whenever I think about my past I feel like there’s an old movie reel in my head. When I’m feeling down or when I doubt my ability to face up to a challenge, I can hear it click on. It starts replaying all my failures, the hurtful words other people have said, the stupid things I’ve done, and all the missed opportunities I’ve had. It’s like watching a movie of the worst parts of my life. But I also try to remember the good times: times at the beach, traveling the country, spending fun summers with my grandmother, and hanging out with my friends. I have some amazing memories.

Every Life Is a Story Worth Telling

Why do people journal? It most certainly is time well spent; if paper and pen doesn’t tickle your fancy, start your own blog. Even if those thoughts never make it to a journal or blog, start thinking about it. Sharing your thoughts and experiences is time well spent.

Three Perspectives of Life

I have a choice between Three Perspectives of Life: The perspective of others, the perspective of my Self, & the perspective of my Soul. I require the perspective and the authority of others to learn my ability as a baby or a Novice; I require the perspective and the ability of my Self to learn my own authority as an adolescent or a Student; and I require the perspective and the authority of my Soul to learn the power of an adult or a Master.

The Philosophy of “As Best You Can”

Most of us beat ourselves up over perceived mistakes and failures. This self-defeating behavior hinders our spiritual evolution. Personal growth can only occur when we learn from our experiences. The philosophy of “as best you can” allows us to correct our “mistakes”, learn from them, and do better the next time.

Learning How to Stop Being Shy

There are a lot of techniques to learn how to not be shy. Choosing the right one which is going to get results is key to getting the best results.

Understanding Shyness

The first step to overcoming your shyness is to understand it. Get an understanding of shyness itself.

All You Need Is Love To Find Happiness, And Here Is How

If this were my last day alive and I was asked what I discovered in a lifetime of searching for Truth, I would have to say that the Beatles were correct, all you need is love. But life is not that simple, and in fact, if all we need is love, then why is love so elusive? Why do we live in a world where there is so much hatred, bitterness and anger? Why do so many things happen to close our hearts, either deliberate evil actions or sad events causing heartbreak? Why would we be created to need one essential thing to achieve unity that is made so difficult to find and on top of that, live in a system which appears to give us so many reasons to close our heart?

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