After Dark: New Moon in Capricorn with Special Guest David Avocado Wolfe

Things I Can Do Today (To Make the World a Slightly Better Place)

The world gets by just fine without us, but there’s much that we can give to it, too. What can I contribute to the world and the life in it on this new day in my life?

Six Degrees of Connection and How to Work Them

Connection is about reaching out to others and making everyone’s world better in the process. I play the six degrees of connection, instead of the six degrees go separation.The universe often uses other people to help us manifest, so the more people we connect with, the more doors the universe has to work through.

Why You Must Be Grateful Right Now

In this article, I’m going to explain why you must be grateful right this very second. And if you aren’t, you will struggle to ever be happy. No matter where you are in life, you must be grateful.

You Can Live With Faith

There are two roads that lead you into tomorrow: one is the road of doubt and despair and the other is the road of faith and hope. What real faith is and how you can use it to live a better, more significant life.

Spiritual Fuel And Energy

Physical Energy is an oxymoron. Physical ability is a potential of our muscles. Muscles require fuel to deliver their potential. Food & oxygen provide the fuel for our muscles. Fuel is physical. Energy is not.

Understanding Self-Overwhelm Pattern

Who does not feel overwhelmed at times? I certainly do, more often than I would like to. Today, I have achieved a higher level of insight on the recipe that leads to a number of my overwhelming moments, which I would like to share with you. Have a think about what aspects of this recipe might also apply to you and you might shift it for tomorrow!

What Is The Secret – And How To Really Use The Law of Attraction

What is the Secret and can you use the law of attraction to change your life? In this article you will learn what the real Secret really is, and how to use the law of attraction to your advantage.

Your Heart Is Much More Than Just a Pump!

Aunt Grace is 104 years old and she is the happiest person I know. Along the road of life which Aunt Grace has come, she learned an amazing secret. She discovered that happiness is in her heart. She discovered that her heart is much more than just a pump, and that it actually connects her to the source of all happiness.

Inner Guidance Vs Outer Guidance

Advice and guidance are plentiful and they come at you from every direction… or so it seems sometimes. While it’s often prudent to listen to the advice from outside sources it’s the truly wise person who heeds their inner guidance. In this article learn the difference between inner and outer guidance and how you can recognize each.

The Most Important Key To Success – Self-Discipline

In this article you with learn the importance of having self-discipline. Self-Discipline is said to be the most important key in obtaining success. I hope that this article brings value to you and your life!

What Do You Live For? What Really Drives You?

Do you ever wonder what drives people? Why do they do what they do? Why do YOU do what you do?

How to Fall in Love With Your Nose (or Anything You Hate)

Ok, confession time. I used to hate my nose. Really, really hate my nose. Several years later, when I realized how important self-love was, I decided I needed to love all of myself and began to think about my nose again. How could I learn to love it? It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Now I wouldn’t change my nose for anything. I love it and how it is uniquely mine. Here are the steps it took for me.

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