Affirmations for Women | 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Why You Should Be Flying the Plane Instead of Letting the Plane Fly You

Understand that we are a product of our decisions as our decisions lead to actions and ultimately outcomes which define who we are. A major part of the Inside Out Solution is to become more conscious of the inner workings of the mind and how it controls the decision making process so that we can begin to take control of our decisions and make better more successful decisions more in alignment with our intentions.

Life of Maximum Impact

Most people desire to be famous, popular and influential but not everyone is ready to pay the price for what they wish for. In this article, I shall discuss steps you can take to create a life of maximum impact. The steps include: self appraisal, awakening, self doubts, the new life, helping yourself and becoming a leader.

This Poop Just Got Real – 10 Tips for Surviving Life With Anxiety

I have struggled with anxiety for my entire life but this year it became crippling. This article is some advice on how I have started living my life again.

How to Enter the Friendship Zone and Have All the Friends You Want and Need

Loneliness ends when friendship begins, right? So, how do you go from all alone to all the friends you want and need? The solution, though not quick and easy, begins with you, within your own heart and mind.

Becoming Powerfully Grounded In One’s Self

Building and living a Spiritual life does require one to be focused, powerful and grounded in themselves. We cannot pursue a Spiritual life if we are constantly engaging in things that do not bring about growth and development to our lives. You will outgrow friends and that is a fact. You cannot move forward if you have people in your life that is constantly holding you back. Becoming powerfully grounded in one’s self will sometimes require one standing alone in their Journey. We live in a time when it is prudent for us to start focusing on where our life is going. We cannot afford to wander about aimlessly. Now, there is a difference between wandering around with no direction and having no purpose versus being moved towards different things that will help you in your growth and development, things that will help you in your progress towards your authentic Spiritual Self.

Good Programming Habits You Should Program Yourself to Follow Every Time

Our lifestyle is the direct result of how we think. We want a different life, more money, happiness, peace, dream home, vacations, yet we continue to be as unpredictable as the weather. Is our world chaotic? What prevents us from becoming the person we were born to become? Our habits and actions are direct results of our thoughts. Let us take an introspective look at who we are and our daily thoughts.

Five Doable Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills

The Greek philosopher Epictetus said, “God gave man two ears but only one mouth that he might hear twice as much as he speaks.” But did he say this in the somber atmosphere of a classroom in front of young Greek students, or shouted it out at the top of his lungs over the din of a rancorous crowd?

A Native American Teaching On Water

Indigenous people view water as sacred: the life’s blood of Mother Earth. Here are some teachings from Native Americans and health professional about having a healthy relationship with water.

You Too Can Be A Rock Star

If you have a band that can really rock, you’ve got half of it already. Allow me to fill in the gaps with some advice from a common-sense approach.

6 Obstacles To Good Decision Making And How to Overcome Them

Decision-making is something inherent in everyone’s lives. We make big and small ones, even if some of them are made by not making a decision. How good we are at it and how many good decisions we make is dependant on how much care, attention and courage we employ to overcome the obstacles. This article looks at some of the common obstacles to moving forwards in the best direction and gives solutions at each step.

How To Become More Charismatic?

You can’t change your physical appearance or social status, but you can learn to be more charismatic! Being charismatic is more of a skill than a natural talent!

What Me, Self-Sabotage?

You may be thinking to yourself “I have never self-sabotaged and I don’t plan on doing so anytime soon.” Well… I respectfully disagree. Without ever having met you and without knowing anything about you I know that you have gotten in your own way on more than one occasion and the chances are that you didn’t even know that you were doing it.

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