Affirmations for Positive Thinking 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Forgiving Others – Learning to Forgive and Let Go

Forgiving is a strength that can take a lifetime to acquire, and many never achieve it. To forgive is not the same as to forget, nor does it ‘let the other person off the hook’, but what it does do is free you to live out the rest of your life without the burdens of negativity and resentment. This can lead to health improvements and mental peace, something everyone would wish for.

What Do I Do With My Profile? 5 Top Ideas

There are so many profiling tools around now. I have been involved with many different profiling sessions and the overall feeling that participants have at the end is “What now?”

Holiday Conversations and Small Talk: Brushing Up on Your Skills

Just thinking about family dinners and office parties may strike terror in your heart. What can you say? How will people respond? The good thing about holiday conversations is that you can prepare for them. You can dust off your skills, practice them at home, and put them to use.

Tips For Mastering Mental Imagery Strategies Through Active Visualization

Sensible males and females through the ages have connected the link between achievements and our beliefs. The connecting agent that powers these inner forces is thought. We may perhaps not have the option to control what goes on around us but we can easily consider the meaning of what we expect with regards to the situation. Good alterations in everyday life generally start with our improvement in perception or perspective. Visualization is the key to making mental changes.

Getting to Grips With Work Life Balance

People today talk of their Work-Life Balance, which is good, but not entirely accurate; it suggests a split between work and life, a choice between the two which can be remedied by information or techniques that will enable them to co-exist in harmony: you can have work and life! However, work is part of life and the split is not two ways, but three, and it is the invisible ‘third’ element that makes all the difference in the world to the other two. As we think about it, for all our lives, there are three core elements: there is work, in which we struggle to achieve something, or impose our signature on the external environment; there is relationship or are relationships, in which we yearn to love and be loved by others, and gain their respect and co-operation; and finally, there is Self – our Self, our real Self – in which we seek to grow through self-awareness and self-development, and this imposes some sort of order on our internal environment.

Make Nothing of Yourself To Become Everything You Want

Your whole life is most likely spent trying to make something of yourself, that is what we are taught from youth. Make something of yourself! We spend our life doing everything we can looking at whatever we can find to make something of ourselves. Yet often when one makes something of themselves, doctor, lawyer, they are rather unhappy about it. This does not have to happen.

Organize and Conquer

Ever feel things are a little out of control? I think we all do from time to time. One reason is because we allow our work areas and our workday to control us instead of the other way around. Taking control of our workspace and our calendar are two ways to lessen the stress of going to work and facing its challenges. Here are some practical suggestions on how to take back the workday and ramp up our productivity

Being Ready For The Rain To Fall

There will be rain come into everyone’s life. Rain can be a good thing and everyone will experience it. When problems come, a person who is prepared will fare better and be able to withstand the storm.

Thinking Counter-Intuitively, And Why It Helps You Solve ‘The Unsolvable’

Discover 3 inspirational quotes that begin to explain what the word ‘counter-intuitive’ means when it comes to solving some of the world’s most perpetually unsolvable problems. You see, I believe that thinking and acting counter-intuitively can help you get unstuck, for example, help you challenge your fears, and – well! – do much, much more…

Ho’oponopono – Where Peace Begins

Peace begins with ME. World peace is respect and acceptance of our differences. It is the freedom to think and perceive things in different ways, with no boundaries. These are vital truths. It is important to take responsibility and stop blaming anyone or anything for the challenges and situations in our life, including ourselves!

Extended DISC Personal Analysis Helps You Know Yourself

In some of my past roles in life I have had to act a long way out of my comfort zones. Now that is ok, but it is not sustainable without major emotional costs. Now I understand why I paid such a high emotional cost in a high pressure leadership role. I did the role well but doing it for more than 20 years did not do me well. I wish I had known about Extended DISC Personal Analysis and been helped to understand myself so that I could start to look after myself a long time ago.

Active Visualization Can Dramatically Improve Your Future

Everyone has an area in which they feel confident in their ability to take action; it might simply be the ability to speak or pick up a water bottle that we know without a doubt that we can accomplish that task on a subconscious level. People who are able to accomplish a specific goal or task easily can do so because they are confident in their ability to take action.

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