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Don’t Spit Up

You can not judge someone till you’ve experienced things they are for yourself. Rushing to judgment will only result in you “spitting up” on yourself.

3 Ways to Find What You Love – And Do It!

How many self-help books have you read on this subject? How many talks have you attended in an attempt to ignite that spark? To have the elusive light bulb moment, you know the moment where everything just clicks in to place, and you just know.

It’s Not My Fault!

How often do you make excuses for yourself? Is it really so bad to not take responsibility for your actions?

Is Time Running Out?

Obviously, there’s a finite amount of time we have on this earth, however, we sometimes act like we’ve got time to waste. Time is as valuable as money. Antonia makes suggestions for valuing your time as if it were cold hard cash.

Wise Words That Warn

It has been said there are two main motivations for all actions: achieving pleasure and avoiding pain. Avoiding pain far outweighs the motivation of achieving pleasure.

Un-Comfort Zone

We avoid new things at all cost, consciously and unconsciously. It’s funny that we are hard-wired to avoid these things, when so often once we get past the uncomfortable feeling, these new things tend to propel us to growth and changing.

How To Stage A Comeback And Reinvent Your Life

18 years ago I staged a major reinvention of my life. I was at a critically low point and seemed hopeless to do anything different. What follows is the steps I took to stage this reinvention of my life.

Saying Get Over It Packs a Punch

Sometimes letting go of disappointments and just getting over them can be the best and easiest way to increase your happiness in life. Our pets and babies teach us this is the most healthy way to approach life.

Is Your Glass Half Full, Full of Ick, or Pink Instead of Red?

Junk in, junk out. If you don’t fill yourself spiritually with the good stuff, you’ll be unhappy and not able to enjoy your life as much as if you focus on what’s really important.

Are Your Questions Really Questions?

When was the last time you asked a question that was really a question? If this sounds like a strange thing to say, then think about small children. They have an endless stream of questions that come from a space of wonder and curiosity.

The Present Is a Gift

Every day holds new opportunities. Every dawn provides us with a valuable gift which is to improve and grow ourselves for the better, increase our knowledge of ourselves.

Fear, Money And Enlightenment

The value we put on money should be in direct alignment with the value we put upon ourselves. This is the path to enlightenment. Enlightenment leads to eternal life, the possibility of many lifetimes occurring in one life span.

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