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Do You Toss and Turn at Night?

Tossing and turning in bed is an age-old issue that plagues many of us. Here are some causes and possible solutions to help you get proper sleep.

The Way of the Cross – The Hero’s Journey – Part 3

Was Christ the Ultimate Hero? Here we bring in a new perspective on the Way of the Cross and discuss it in terms of the Hero’s Journey. And it’s a good match!

Do Professional People Who Care for Others Really Need a Support Person?

I work with RNS new to the career or to leadership or alternative RN positions, who want a fast track to succeed as well as RNS who are either transitioning from nursing to another career or want to reinvent their life purpose at retirement. They are professional, motivated woman from age 21 through their sixties.

The Invisible Pay Master

This whole world operate under a powerful unchanging principle that cannot be broken till eternity. For example there is the physical law of gravity that states that every object is pulled or attracted to the earth by certain forces. This implies that every thing that goes up must surely come down, meaning that, no matter how smart you are, you can never float or keep an object in the sky perpetually because eventually that object must hit the ground.

The Truth About Truth: Reality

Truth is reality. There is no changing truth. This article explains how we can recognize and benefit from truth.

New Beginnings: Do You Know the Story You’re In?

Each of us lives our own story. From moment to moment, we make choices because of that story. What story are you in?

How Can I Starting Fulfilling My Life’s Purpose and Get Paid in the Process?

Even if you are not entirely sure about what your gifts and talents are, you can begin exploring your options now. Everyone has to start from some where, but it will be worth all the time and energy you invest in being open to meeting in the middle as you seek it and it seeks you.

The Hero’s Journey – Part Two

The Hero’s Journey comes in many shapes and sizes. The common (mis)understanding is that it is a physical journey with physical obstacles and so the protagonists are usually depicted as physically well-endowed so that they can dispense a rough and ready justice along the way. There are two things wrong with this…

You Are Energy! 7 Actions You Can Take to Get More Energy!

The human being as a unit of energy is a fact that has profound and astounding possibilities. Furthermore, I find it baffling why more people do not consider the potential and daily implications of considering themselves as a body of energy.

Honour Your Story

There are certain hotspots on our planet where crimes are barely blips on the radar. They have become so commonplace that they don’t even turn our heads, and it requires something fairly spectacular to pierce the film of our jadedness. Although South Africa is one such place, we were recently shocked by a particularly bad one, in which a young girl was gang raped and murdered by an ex boyfriend and his friends.

Living Right

What does it take to live right? Well it takes discipline and determination for to live right. Also, one needs a committed heart to live right consistently. It’s not easy but with the right amount to faith it’s doable. So, living right can become a life style.

Purpose Driven Life

this an article that takes a look at purpose, destiny etc. It highlights the importance of knowing oneself and also key things about a purpose driven life.

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