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Are You Vulnerable To Losing Yourself

There are wide spectrums of ways to lose oneself; from falling in with the wrong crowd, falling under the control of a partner or friend whose motives are unsavory or harmful to you, to the children who enter schools and mindlessly kill others and citizens who betray their country and join terrorist organizations and kill masses. Are you or your loved one in danger of falling into the trap of losing yourself to another’s control or manipulation? There are underlying signals that are worth taking a closer look at.

Emotional Depth: Can Embracing Our Pain Lead To Greater Emotional Depth?

Although some people have the ability to feel every emotion on the spectrum, there are others who are only able to express certain emotions. This is similar to how some people can speak a language fluently and others can only speak a few words, if that.

Our Higher Self – The Hand We’ve Always Touched

What is our ‘higher self’ that we seem to hear more and more about lately; why is it becoming so dominant in our conversations? It is the part of you that has never been separated from you; it has been with you through and between every incarnation. It carries all of your Akashi; the record of everything you have ever learned, accomplished or been a part of… forever. It carries your DNA and your name, just as you do, and oh so much more.

Part 2.1: Think – A Five-Step Process for Problem Solving

If you want to do something significant with your life, you are going to have to do some real thinking. The mission you have been given is too important to leave to irrational thoughts, emotion-filled guesswork or hasty judgments. Since you have been given a mission you also have the ability to fulfill that mission but before you do anything, THINK.

Forgiveness’s Focus On the Future

If the future holds more hope than does the despair of the past we are ready to forgive. When our souls pine more for joy than they append to bitterness we are ready to forge our quiet way into the future.

15 Valuable Lessons That The Pain Of Heartbreak Will Teach You

You know them – all the sayings people tell us that are supposed to make us feel better when we face tough times. But here’s the thing, finding a silver lining is darn near impossible when we are so stuck in our emotions and negativity that we can’t see it. The key to getting through pain is to clear away the cobwebs so we can see the potential for future joy in the first place.

10 Things I Learned Doing My Christmas Shopping

So, in going shopping with my sixteen-year-old daughter and my twenty-month-old son, pre-Christmas, I’m reminded of my Christian obligation – especially wearing my “Jesus Saves” T-shirt. We too easily forget we have covenanted to love; that includes the display of the fruit of the Spirit when we are on the roads at peak hour or in the shopping mall just days from Christmas.

How to Find My Calling?

Most of us came here on Earth with a deep sense of purpose. Unfortunately, not many realize what their true vocation in life is. There are people all over the world that seem to know what they are here to do, even since they are small children.

Factors That Make Up Your Personality

Every person in the world has a unique personality. One or the other personality trait would definitely differ. Some people try to become intelligent by drinking tea, some would eat crisps with biscuits while some would run from pigeons and pet baby tigers. Having a particular mind set and then being raised in a particular environment gives every person a very unique personality that would one way or the other differ from every person in the world.

Cleanse Your Mind Of Resentment

Resentment is one of the biggest obstacles to success and a happy life. This destructive emotion poisons your outlook and your health. There are 3 different types of resentment, and 4 main consequences to holding onto grievances. Learn some surprising concepts about letting go of resentment.

A Look at Age 53

We rarely see ourselves as clearly as others see us, so letting another be the judge is humbling, yet rewarding. Personal bias fills every self-evaluation. Even our mirror only shows a kind of mirage. We feed these false impressions into the vessel of our mind and produce the view of ourselves that we want to see.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

When I was 27 I received some excellent advice which I’ve been following throughout my career. One evening a fellow Toastmaster announced he had just been promoted to be the plant manager of a major manufacturing plant in the city I worked in. After the meeting I went up to congratulate him on his success and found the courage to ask him “What do you attribute your success to?

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