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The Meaning of the Trials and Struggles of Our Life

I remember that many years ago I was talking with a friend about the meaning of life and of the trials that each of us meet. For him, life could be summed up in a succession of struggles and mankind is condemned to fight forever with Fate in order to steal some moments of happiness. In my life I have often met people for whom life was primarily a story about problems, suffering, lack and unfinished dreams.

Honor Your Home and Transform Your Life in Four Steps

We live in a world that is moving at a great speed. Our day can often be reduced to: a morning jog to get ready, go to work in a stressful environment and going home tired for eventually collapsing on a sofa watching TV. Finally we have little time to take care of our home and our environment accumulates objects and dust.

Why Gap Year Programs Are a Great Choice

By the time we reach our late teens, we have had so much school that the thought of a few more years’ worth seems excruciating. That is just one reason why people are choosing a gap year program as a way to break up the monotony of constant education.

Ask the Right Questions – Get the Right Answers

When we ask key questions, we can choose how we would like to process an experience. We can take a seemingly negative event and find the positive and the lesson by asking ourselves and/or others two simple questions.

Thoughts From The Box – “Keep the Lights On”

Have you ever wondered what might be on your front porch when the lights are off? Well, stay tuned to see what the Author discovered outside his front door.

Staying Confident Under Pressure

I am not sure how many people think about the difference in Peer Pressure and Peer Influence. In today’s world, a lot of us are fighting to do what we feel is right and take responsibility for our own actions. Growing up, we might have been taught to stay away from peer pressure. There are programs, systems, and even methods developed to help us learn to ignore the pressure that others may put on us.

Techniques To Improve Your Communication That Improve Your Relationships And Increase Your Happiness

Honest communication between people can deepen and strengthen your relationship. If you don’t say the truth, your body will tell the real message anyway! Learn some valuable techniques to improve your communication which will improve your relationships and increase your happiness.

“Don’t Turn Your Head When You Punch!” 3 Steps For Taking Conscious Control Of Your Life

Do you find yourself ignoring what’s most important to you, falling for the enticements of “instant gratification”? Do you miss the excitement and passion for life that you once had? In this article learn 3 steps to letting go of the baggage and rediscovering your playfulness.

Follow the Huna Way – Part Two

Huna requires belief while emphasizing the workable and the practical. This puts it in the realm of “science,” that is, you do this and that happens. As everything else in life, it is cause and effect. Follow this series of articles to open up your understanding of this ancient belief system.

Follow the Huna Way – Part Three

Ancient secrets are now revealed in the Huna method and concepts. Most doctrines teach “why” you should learn to master yourself. But it is very few teachers that explain the “how” that in reality is the secret that helps you master anything. Follow these articles and some of these ancient secrets will start to emerge.

The Power of Habits in Your Life

How the affects of negative habits can have on our life. What can you do to change your negative habits. We all have negative habits what do you do to change them?

How to Get Unstuck From Whatever Is Holding You Back

Are you feeling stuck but not sure what has you mired down? Do you feel like you are in quicksand and are slowly drowning? So many people are there right now and they are not even sure what is holding them back from living a satisfying life. People are out of work, the economy is rotten and a lot of people are just plain feeling down. Does that describe you? If it does, maybe I can help you sort things out and begin to get a handle on what is going on for you.

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