A Time to Meditate on the New Year Ahead of You (Guided Meditation)

Use The Power Of The Full Moon To Let Go Of, And Release, That Which Holds You Back

What will you release and let go of? A perfect time to let go of the past is when it’s full moon; it’s a perfect time to do some cleansing and cleaning of all sorts of clutter that stagnates the energy flow.

How to Grow After Being Bullied at Work

“Men are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them.” No matter what it is that happens to an individual, how they perceive it is so important. There is a school of thought that says that our thoughts, rather than the actual events themselves are what create the moods we experience when something uninvited, unpleasant and unwelcome is inflicted upon, such as, workplace bullying. It is believed that we get ourselves upset because of how we think about these painful events. This is eminently understandable when the anti-social evil of workplace bullying is under consideration.

What Is Personal Development?

Personal development is about reaching out for something more–something bigger and better than what you have now. If you have bigger hopes, dreams, and ambitions than your current situation, personal development is imperative.Β Working backwards, the process looks like this.

How to Improve Your Life With Personal Mastery

what is personal mastery or self-mastery and how can it enhance your life? Well it’s all about developing your understanding and magnifying your viewpoint about life. This in turn increases your vision, and allows you to determine what path you should take in life.

Awareness and Authenticity – The Ticket to a Satisfying Life

The search for truth can be an interesting journey when we have been trained from the outset to manipulate and lie. On the most part in the western world it has been effective to cry and weedle and whine, to argue for what we want and persist until we get it. This starts as babies and continues full steam as we grow! This presents a difficulty when we are called upon to respond authentically. My reasoning is that the less reactionary response standing between our conscious and unconscious the more successful we may be if we need to recognise whether something is truly right or wrong for us.

How To Build Confidence The SMART Way

Are you searching for a better way to build your confidence? Do you want an action plan to help guide you along the way? Are you looking for a good road map to follow and assist you into getting where you’re going?

The Cliche of Finding and Getting Closure

If there was ever a word that was so often and frequently misused, the word closure comes to mind. You hear this word on the news, on the radio and in most any social setting or casual conversation when someone wants something to be over. People are seeking this elusive act or process for many reasons.

The Success Pledge

As I read so many books on success, happiness, wealth, and relationships I realize they all come down to a few basic thing and that is all. These are your thoughts and the beliefs you hold. By changing these you change your life and those around you. To change your thoughts and your beliefs you need to first discover what they are and to focus on them with emotions. The stronger the emotion the stronger and quicker they will take hold; and begin to change your life. What follows is a Success Pledge I created for myself that I repeat daily, at least morning and night, but more in the beginning would be better. The import thing when repeating this Success Pledge is to put emotion behind it, a reason why you need to follow this code.

How I Wrote 200 Novels in 30 Years!

This is really not about me, and I am not actually boasting of an accomplishment. My intention is to remind you about the power of doing what you love, and loving what you do. Indeed those two simple phrases, “Do what you love and love what you do” are the key to a happy and productive life. Doing that, it is amazing what you can accomplish!

Who Lives in the Spirit-House?

The accelerating rate of change on our planet calls for radical spirituality, to acknowledge that everything is alive, with a sort of scientific animism. As a young boy when I grew up in Thailand, my Christian parents taught me to respect people of other faiths. Though I appreciated my family and our traditions, what really drew my attention and fascinated me from my earliest memories was the spirit-house found in the yard of every household.

How Not To Allow Traditions To Influence Our Future

How often have we said, “this is the way we have always done things”. The question is, is it the best or right way? Sometimes it is not but because of the tradition, we are bound to it.

The Deeper Oneness of All

Question whatever you choose to believe. Also understand that most of what you believe arises from unconscious levels that you do not control. Your awareness shapes the realities you experience and the richness of your journey.

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