A Time for Balance ~ Autumn Equinox Meditation

JOB Stands for Just Over Broke

When most of us think about a job, it is all about working hard to pay the bills at the end of the month while still having a little bit left over for entertainment, and if we are lucky, a little bit more that we can chuck into our savings. In fact, it is how most of us live because we have been brought up this way.

The Challenge of Accepting Our Helplessness Over Others

What do you do when you feel helpless over another’s choices? What is the result? Are you happy with how you manage this feeling?

Dancing on Moving Carpets – How to Thrive in Uncertain Times

Are you experiencing a period of uncertainty and change right now? If so, you’re not alone – many people are feeling the same way. This article provides some great tips on how to keep your balance and thrive even in difficult times.

Life Change – 8 Ways to Discover If You’re Ready For One

There comes a point in life when we begin to feel different; not good different and not necessarily bad different – just different. The hard ‘stuff’ is over and now we are freer and wiser than ever before. It’s that precious time we waited for, worked towards, time for those things we postponed a million times for a million good, and not so good reasons; when the kids are through college, the house is paid off, we have more money, finally retire, or we feel more stable; then we’ll have the time for ‘fill in the blank.’ When it finally arrives many times we find ourselves uncomfortable and surprisingly confused about what we would like to do and even where we’d like to be.

Focus on Doing the Right Thing

How often do we hear someone stating how distraught he is because he was ashamed of something that he did, or said, or did not? We often hear about someone’s guilty conscience, and many individuals turn to religion as a way to heal their guilt. In the Catholic religion, congregants are urged to go to confession, in order to be absolved of their sins.

Upbeat But Still Broke

After spending the past 7 years of my life working in the rental and retail industry, I suddenly find myself jobless. I was fired from my position of Assistant Manager and have mixed emotion to the timing of it, but also feel this could be a personal calling for me. I had devoted a total of 17 years of my life to that industry, but have never felt as nakedly used in the last 3 years of dedicated service to the industry.

What Is The Meaning of True Financial Freedom?

Many people dream of living a happier live by being financially free, but do so often not understand that there is no actual relation between happiness and money. Financial freedom is rather a state of mind than valued in terms of physical objects.

5 Types Of People To Avoid

I want to make something very clear. Although we are all about positive thinking, helping others and being genuinely kind, we will not be taken advantage of or used in any way. In your work to be the best you can be also stay alert for people who will only bring you down, or at least not help at all. There are many forms of negative influence to be aware of.

Self Punishing Thoughts – Stop Thinking Things That Are Holding You Back

Since we become what we think about, it is imperative to think thoughts that will build us up and not tear us down. Self punishing thoughts can keep us feeling that we are worthless, and positive optimistic thoughts can empower us to do our best. We must overcome fear and doubt with enthusiasm and passion to be successful. We must stop thinking thoughts that hold us back. We must reach down deep in our faith for the courage to tackle our daily problems.

Finding the Stillness Within

Our busy lives often make it difficult to think about much more than what needs to be done in the next hour or day. Most of us have dreamed of a different type of existence with more time for things we value and enjoy doing. The frenetic pace keeps us moving so quickly we forget what it feels like to have the guilt free time to immerse ourselves in the activities or people we most care about. Finding space for those moments seems an impossible task which leaves us to feel disconnected, frustrated or even hopeless. Many of us feel there should be a different way to live, but can’t see the way past our pressured demands to how that could happen. This was my story too, until it became clear that deep within each of us there is a quiet, still place that can provide the guidance for which we search.

How to Live Your Authentic Life – Originate Not Duplicate

Being the real you is a blessing to your life, and to the lives of others. If you are wearing a mask, it is time for you to take it off, and live an authentic life. You deserve it.

Loving Yourself – How to Begin to Love Yourself More

We are surrounded by love. Love is the power that unites the world. Over the centuries love has been captured in poetry, song, literature and film. It is the quintessential emotion that all human beings on this earth strive to feel and live. Let’s go a little deeper and ask yourself how much do you love yourself? A poignant question to be sure.

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