A Ten Minute Guided Meditation to Clear Your Mind

The 5 Steps To Getting It Done

How many times have you come up with what you believe to be an exceptionally good idea, only to have little to nothing substantial come out of it? How often do you feel somewhat overwhelmed or under – prepared, even though your intentions, mindset and even your attitude is truly positive. In my over three decades of identifying, qualifying, training and consulting to well over a thousand individuals in actual or potential positions of leadership, as well as having conducted hundreds of personal development seminars, training courses, and personal one – to – one consultations, I have come to realize…

I Don’t Want To Be The Hidden Jewel Anymore

Valuing self and others are keys to living a fulfilling life of peace. Peace with myself first then peace with others has helped me develop amazing relationships and restore relationships that were not filled with balance and appreciation. Since I think I am pretty neat and value who I have become, others think I am pretty neat and value me as well. It’s okay to love yourself and share yourself with the world. It’s the start to fulfilling the great commandment, love your neighbor AS yourself; this is a simple read filled with personal nuggets on worth, uniqueness and value for not only yourself but others!!

You Will Never Out-Perform Your Own Self-Image

How do you see yourself? Be honest. Do you love yourself? Do you see yourself honestly or are you so hyper critical that you see no value? Some people I know are so busy focusing on their family or work life that they don’t really look at themselves to know who they truly are. I think they are afraid that others will think they have nothing to offer – a complete and utter lie.

How Do You Get Out of Your Head?

I don’t know if you remember how your mental processes shifted from the self-centered viewpoint of childhood into the constant focus on others when you became a teenager. It’s not that you didn’t pay attention to those around you as a child, you most certainly did, but you were still in the process of shaping your perception to integrate and navigate the world.

Simon, the Mbira Player – Inspiration From a Surprising Source

Simon lives a life that is despicable to some, but as he plies his trade in a Johannesburg parking lot, the smile on his face tells us a rather interesting story. Self awareness and happiness are concepts that may inspire us through Simon’s simple story.

How Loving Yourself Can Help You Better Receive Answers to You Questions

Ernie was having trouble accessing his higher self. He wanted to know about the loving action toward himself, but he couldn’t seem to receive any answers. Because his inner child often felt abandoned and unloved due to the lack of loving action, Ernie often felt disconnected and depressed.

Will You DARE To Take The Right Risks?

Although we often hear about an individual’s desire to be the best he can be, and consistently perform to the peak of his potential, this will never become a reality until, and unless, one abandons mere rhetoric, and replaces it with well-considered, timely action. Each of us must do all we can to know ourselves better, become better analysts, clearly see what has happened, is happening, and probably will happen, and determine the difference between merely taking unnecessary chances, and opting for the ones that make us better, more impactful, and truly successful (in terms that are personally…

3 Military Core Values That Have Helped Me To Live A Better Life

The core values I have learned from my military service are embedded in my soul. I live my life by them – not to perfection, but to the best of my abilities. These values are much more than the minimum standards of how I live my life – they also remind me of what it takes to succeed in life.

4.3: Proceed Forward – Tests Your Theories

The first powered airplane took flight on December 17, 1903 on a wind-swept beach in North Carolina. Bicycle shop owner brothers Orville and Wilber Wright had long been testing theories of powered flight and on this day, their hard work paid off. Orville piloted the first flight that lasted only 12 seconds and covered a mere 130 feet, but their theory was proven.

What Commitment, Relationships and Third Party Credibility Have In Common

Sunday night I was asked to speak on our team call. I was only given 2-3 minutes to give a short synopsis of my background, why I chose my company and what I had done to achieve success so early on. It quickly came to mind that it was my commitment to long term success with the company, the relationships I had built over the years and the use of 3rd party credibility and tools. When I joined this industry 7 years ago, I did so with a commitment that I was in it for the long haul. It wasn’t something I was just going to “try” and see if it worked. There is a mind shift that takes place when you make a true commitment and it becomes a powerful force in everything you do going forward.

Learning to Love Your Sacred Being

Do you know who you are in your essence? If you knew that your core Self, your essence, was a sacred being, an individualized expression of Spirit, would you treat yourself differently than you currently do?

Confusion Is Just Energy Awaiting Direction

When you make a decision, make it with all that you are not just fractional parts of yourself. Self-reflection enables you to become clearer about where the center of the change is actually coming from.

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