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Times Are A-Changing

I feel totally out of place in this foreign culture of technology. Whenever I use the computer / internet, I get lost in the maze of technical jargon and need to use my powers of Courage and Tolerance as I step out of my comfort zone. It’s like starting a new school where all the young ones have the lingo down.

The River of Life

I remember taking several canoeing trips when I was younger and one in particular still provides me with life lessons to this day. As I recall, it was the summer of 1986, me and two other friends decided to take an all day canoe trip on the Little Vermilion River from one side of town to the other. We gathered together some supplies for our trip, along with the canoe, and had one of our parents drop us off at the southwest side of town near the damn. We launched just below the damn and started off on our trip.

Weight Loss – Ditch The Barriers And Apply Life Coaching Techniques Yourself

Basic fitness programming, eating plans and motivation are all part of the package that a capable trainer will supply the client, appropriate for some but insufficient for others. Many people have tried desperately to change their lives and the way they feel about themselves without success.

Six Intellectual Faculties

An amazing list of six intellectual faculties that is being used at its best by all the successful men and women of the past and the present. Understanding them clearly is what will determine our names being part of those success stories for the future.

Life Purpose – Six Ways the Remarkable Powers of Your Mind Can Help You Realize Your Life Purpose

Your mind has more power than you can even imagine. It’s a broadcasting system, a storage and filing system of everything that’s happened to you, a search engine like Google, an instrument for healing, a guidance system – and so much more. And it can help you to realize your life purpose as the greatest ally you’d ever what to have. That’s why it’s important to clear it of negativities, patterns, and barriers – so you can be free to bring your gifts and talents into the world. Read on to find out 6 powers of your mind that can help you to realize your life purpose:

The Easy Self Improvement Tip You Will Not Read About

Success and performance in the modern world particularly, are measured by key performance indicators and outcomes that have little time or interest for the self. It is plain to see that in today’s fast paced demanding world, that performance is measured and concerned with demonstrated or proven outcomes. Using this criteria then, how exactly does an area like self improvement get measured? Society very clearly has not delineated, defined or valued self improvement nearly enough as evidenced in the questions that arise from trying to define it!

Knowledge, Power, and Politics

Knowledge and power are both deep and influential topics. There is a popular sentiment that knowledge is power. This sentiment stems from the fact that people who are educated and skilled have much greater opportunities to influence the shape and direction of their lives. As time has moved forward, knowledge has become increasingly specialized and increasingly dispersed among a larger number of people. In short, the power of knowledge comes from specialization and that specialization is no longer concentrated in a handful of metropolitan areas.

A New Perspective for Your Journal

Any daily practice can become bogged down and need a jolt to liven things up now and then. Journaling is no exception. Here’s an excellent way to re-shape your perspective and open up to even more journal writing epiphanies.

Charting Your Course!

Are you feeling lost these days? Were you ever a Brownie or Girl Guide? I recall that one of the badges I got was for camping – and learning your way around the woods. We learned to use a compass.

5 Effective Ways To Step Back And “Pause” in Your Life

I am definitely one of those people who like to “get things done”. I work many hours, plan my days and think ahead, often paying the price of feeling overwhelmed, moody and highly emotional. Over time I learned to recognize these feelings as a signal to step back, to press the “pause” button and try something different. I often remind my clients and readers how important it is to take an honest inventory of their lives on a regular basis – and taking an official “pause” is a good opportunity for doing so.

Lasting Change Starts From Within

I remember back many years ago when I was a young boy my father would often say, “Talk’s cheap. Don’t be a talker, be a doer!” I’ll never forget those words.

Personal Growth – Let’s Get Some Things Straight

I’m in my eighth year of being a personal growth teacher, speaker and writer. Not only is this my job, it’s also what I read most, talk incessantly about with my husband and friends and it’s significantly informed the approach I take to raising our children.

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