A Special Meditation to Clear Your Karma

A Busy Mom’s Life: Making It Work

Busy moms usually find most of their days taken by work, hardly ever finding time to themselves or even to spend a good amount of time with their children. They are usually torn between the need to make a good life for their family, and the want to actually be a mother to her children. Such situations can lead to feelings of sadness and anxiety, and if you are a mother, you might feel that you are not fulfilling at least a good half of your obligations. This can lead you to hate what you do and to even feel mad at yourself for being so “lacking”.

Discover What You Love to Do and Devote All of Your Energy Doing It

It doesn’t matter who you are now, how much money you’re making, what you’ve achieved in life, or how great you think you are. Unless you’ve discovered the true purpose of your life, you are living a life of mediocrity and have not reached your potential.

Wisdom Is The Essential Thing – Therefore Get Wisdom

A brief discussion about how God sees wisdom and how you can shift your focus to see the world more as God sees it. This is part of one article sent to ULC Seminary students.

Are You A Slave To Your Reactions?

When we pay attention to something (OUR FOCUS), we automatically attach our own special way of how we see that person, thing, or problem. This is the meaning of WE ATTACH, which stirs up feelings of pain or pleasure, threat or no threat. And our body responds accordingly by stressing or relaxing.

Finding the Right Therapist or Counselor For You

When you are seeking a counselor or therapist be clear about what you are seeking. Think of therapy and counseling as consisting of four levels: problem-solving counseling, therapy motivated by a presenting life issue, depth psychotherapy and the spiritual journey. Ask your potential therapist challenging questions about their world view, their beliefs and their prejudices.

Professional Development – Improve Your Career By Following 7 Easy Steps

Improving your career can be as easy or hard as you want it to be so if you want an easy ride to success then there are 7 easy steps you should follow. It goes without saying that you should only start this process when you are already doing a job you love and once you have decided this is the path you want to take. A life coach will help and there are many pieces of advice they will give you.

Professional Development – Cutting-Edge Techniques To Release The Potential You Have Within

When people say they have a life coach it is often considered that this set up is pretty much the same as seeing a psychiatrist. They imagine one to one meetings in an office and spending hours and hours talking about their past and anything that went wrong. Working with a life coach is about professional development and life skills.

Professional Development – 5 Best Ways To Advance Your Career

Depending on the career path you have chosen there will be a number of ways that will be important when it comes to advancing your career. A life coach will be important when it comes to professional development and professional skills. They will give you plenty of advice but if they had to give you the 5 best ways to advance your career this is what they would tell you.

Healing From Painful Times

We cannot change the past but we can change what it means to us. It is not so much what happens to us as what we come to believe that shapes our lives.

Men, 7 Ways to Look Better Fast

Men, you can improve how you look fast without spending a bundle of money. These tips do not take long and any man will start to look better immediately.

Fearless Moral Inventory

What do you believe? This is not an easy question to answer. We are complicated beings living in a complicated world. With that in mind, let’s make the answer easier to get by being honest with ourselves. A fearless moral inventory will only be useful if it is based in reality and honesty.

The Answer to Your Prayers

Have you ever prayed for something and wished for it and worked hard to get it but it just doesn’t come? We have all been in this place where we want something so badly we can almost taste it and it’s not here. We wonder ‘why?

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