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The Process Of Creativity Needs You To Trust Your Strong Intuition

Many may agree from experiences of everyday life, we are aware that we have intuition power-which can be realized as an immediate, but effortless vision, or sense, of what is real and true. But we sometime experience errors in this so-called inner vision. When we are choosing a direction, say, at the fork in the road, or deciding on a particular financial strategy, or how to resolve conflict in a love relationship, or a career change, or whatever it might be, are you trusting and tapping into the inner power of your subconscious mind?

To Change or Not To?

Change is what you perceive it to be, it is as difficult or as easy as you make it. People often carry a perception that change has a negative effect, hence they develop reasons to resist it, known as Resistors/Blockers. These blockers make them reluctant and less open to improvements. Find out these resistors and how can you overcome them with the ADI approach.

Wisdom of the Tao – Three Ways to Live Creatively

As you live creatively, you have a powerful effect on the universe. You help create joy and balance in the world.

H Is For Human

We live in a world where people who make mistakes are usually frowned upon. However some of the greatest inventions were created because someone did something wrong. Considering computers can pretty much do anything for us, we tend to forget that we are not made of bits and bytes but we have blood, bones, and skin.

F Is For Fear, Or Is It For Fail?

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face… You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Easier said than done many people may think, regardless of the fact that it may bring them more money, joy, or peace of mind.

E Is For Engage

Recently my alma mater changed the name of their Alumni Relations department to Alumni Engagement, which is supposedly what other universities are doing as well. I thought this was a good idea because engaging someone is very different from relating to someone. The major difference is that you may feel there are commonalities with you and someone else, but to engage is to explore the whole person – both the similarities and differences.

D Is For Dare

When I think of the word “dare”, the first thought that comes to my mind is the childhood game, Truth or Dare. In that game, if you ended up taking the dare, it usually meant you had to do something unappealing like eat dirt or kiss a boy (which was a big EW back then). As we got older, it seemed that the dares were less frequent.

How To Create A Happy Life By Understanding What’s Karma

Many people, especially in the west, often ask: What’s Karma? Karma is the universal flow of thought leading you to take action. In today’s world, we can say it is a sorting out of the negative false thoughts, from the more truthful, optimistic outlook on your life while in this world. What’s Karma? It’s the mind, body, spirit mix of poor and bad thoughts working to send you in a particular direction. So, then, do you create karma? In a previous set of articles leading to today’s message on what’s karma in or lives, I spoke of Nakita, the woman from Croatia, writing to me while I was in prison. She’d been convincing me to join in on a worldwide mindfulness meditation from my Ohio prison cell on December 22, 2010, at 9:30PM.

Creating Financial Wealth Is Not Impossible

There are a few secrets to personal growth and creating financial wealth. One secret is understanding the difference between impossible and improbable. Next, innovation (such as new technology gadgets) catches people’s attention and makes it easier to learn from those that came before you. Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from somebody else’s? Also, communication is important since everybody has a voice, so use as many resources as you can to start building that love for success and start stretching as you get prepared to exit the rat race. Remember the ultimate secret, NOTHING works harder for you than yours or other people’s money.

When We Can’t Trust In Relationships, Are We Fearing The Future And Further Pain?

Where trust in relationships is concerned, enduring fear is among our inner most strengths. Trusting someone gives us a mindset that we might get hurt either emotionally or physically, or when you can’t trust anyone it’s because part of you thinks you need to always feel in control of what happens. Living this way, with your ego in charge, can be draining. When you can’t trust anyone you’re always suspicious and this holds you back from following your dreams. It makes you fear the future. In a previous set of articles I talked about the woman from Croatia, named Nakita, who was writing letters to me while I was in prison for a foolish securities violation. She was persistent in urging me to join in on an upcoming worldwide mindfulness meditation, where I’d participate from my prison cell.

Overcoming Adversity And Peacefully Reaching Your Full Potential

Let us look at life as a moving vehicle. As we move, we pass many scenes. Some good and some dirty. We sit though the journey peacefully and reach our destination. We mostly remain unmoved because – we are not directly pained by the scenes outside and our focus is more on reaching the destination. In any adversity, at least the second part can be applied. Come what may, our object should be to create a good life and live as an example for others. That should be our destination and that should be our motivation.

Dealing With Bereavement When We Experience The Loss Of A Loved One

Grieving the loss of a loved one certainly does take a period of time, but psychological studies are informing that this can be an opportunity for a new beginning toward your life purpose. The despair and sadness when grieving the loss of a loved one will hang around for a while, but its hold on us will fade away in time. In previous articles I told you the story of Nakita, a young woman from Croatia who began writing letters to me while I was incarcerated in an Ohio prison. I mentioned her grieving the loss of a loved one, her husband Armand being murdered, and was greeted with A Course in Miracles shortly after.

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