A Refreshing 10 Minute Guided Meditation

HOW TO: Make an Awesome Comeback From an Off-Day

When you play a sport where you fail more than you succeed, it can feel as if everyday is an off-day. But then there are those days. The days where it feels like absolutely nothing is going your way.

Tips for Starting Your Reiki or Healing Practice That Can Save You Years of Struggle

Nearly twenty-five years ago, shortly after my father died suddenly from lung cancer, I had the “calling” to leave my profession as a civil rights lawyer and become a healer. It hit me like a ton of bricks, as I had spent more years studying law than practicing! Back then, I felt I had no choice when Spirit called then to instantly take a leap of faith.

Where’s the Flipping Plug?

I was once told that one of the most sought after needs that human beings have is the need to be loved. I can’t say I disagree. As a coach, one of the biggest and most frequent topics to come up is “what will other people think of me if.

Let Go and Awaken to a Whole New You

Spiritually speaking, all relationships serve one purpose: self-knowledge. Self-knowledge serves one purpose: awakening to the truth of oneself. Awakening to the truth of oneself serves one purpose: dying to oneself. Dying to oneself serves one purpose: rebirth. And rebirth is… the purpose and fulfillment of all relationships.

The Power of Forgiveness: Create a New Year of Infinite Possibilities by Releasing the Past

New Year’s resolutions are frequently made at the beginning to a new year, only to be put aside and forgotten within the first few weeks. It’s never too late to create Infinite Possibilities feel lighter, more clear & release the endless challenges of a painful past. Forgiveness offers this. True forgiveness requires intention along with a willingness and commitment to release the past. But we must do more than just talk about forgiveness. We must live it. And it is possible when we decide we’ve had enough of feeling unhappy and life not going the way we want it to – we’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

4.1: Proceed Forward – Accept Responsibility

The airport departure lounge was crowded with family and friends bidding us farewell for a 3+ year commitment in Central Africa. I was only 25-years-old and had a wife and two children, had never travelled internationally and had little idea of what to expect upon our arrival in Africa. In short, I was scared.

What Do Cinderella and You Have In Common?

You’re probably most familiar with Perrault’s version of Cinderella, but did you know that in Grimm’s tale she goes to three balls during a week-long celebration held for the prince to find a bride? Each night she wears a new gorgeous gown and shoes gifted by a magic white bird at her mother’s grave.

Your To-Be List Is More Powerful Than Your To-Do List

To-dos are wonderful. They help you to dream, imagine and take action in your life. But it’s far more important to be the person you want to be while getting your to-do list done. So before you make your next to-do list, make a to-be list.

Is Criticism A Good Thing?

Criticism is based on someone’s perception and observation. It could be both positive and negative. It is positive if the person giving comments or judgements is focused on someone’s strengths and gives words of encouragement and motivation. It becomes negative if the critic is hurting the other person’s feelings by giving insensitive comments or just simply telling the truth. The real definition of criticism depends on how someone gives it and how someone (being criticized) takes it. Criticism can be destructive or constructive. It hurts us and can destroy us if we only expect the merits from what we have said or done. On the other hand, criticism motivates and encourages us to be more careful with our actions and use it to make us become better individuals.

What’s Your Story? And Why I Want to Be a Part of It

What’s your story? What impact are you having on those you love, those you work with, and those you serve? How is your life, your business, and your products enriching the lives of those at home, your workplace, and your existing and future clients you work with throughout your career? Why do you do what you do? Is it solely for the money, the fame, or glory? Or do you just want to be part of someone’s story?

Insightful Opinion Management

Allowing how you feel and certain people control the way that you conduct your life is self defeating. This article explores using opinion management as a technique for living your life with as less stress as possible.

Are YOU Genuine, Authentic or Even Yourself?

Genuine? Authentic? Have you ever had to describe what genuine or authentic is? I tried for the longest time and it was very difficult. I was never sure if I truly understood what either of those words meant. Sometimes real life experiences are much better at helping us understand, as opposed to just describing the word as a definition. Here I give you 3 of my real life examples that helped me understand what “being genuine, being authentic” may be.

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