A Powerful Message From The Universe | This Message is For You.. [AFFIRM with RECEIVED!]

Know God? We Barely Even Know Ourselves

The question of God’s existence begins with you. Who are you? Do you know yourself? Do you exist? The answer may seem obvious, but it is not.

10 Ways To Get The EFT Habit

Once they learn EFT many people don’t use it on a regular basis to help themselves. This article explores four reasons for this and suggests 10 ways for people to bring the tapping habit into their daily lives.

The Elephant In Your Living Room Syndrome

Your friends are usually the ones who point it out to you first-it isn’t something that you notice even though the situation lumbers over you like an elephant in your living room. You feel frustrated to be blindsided since you imagine that for all the work you’ve done, you ought to notice when you’re in the danger zone. I feel the same way.

5 Practical Ways Of Improving On You

Good question! Are you willing to take steps today to create a better tomorrow? Is your heart set and ready for the journey that will bring about the future you desire?

Discovering True Purpose Within

Now it’s your time to Listen, Learn, and to Leap! As I continued to listen to my mentors, my mind started transforming to the messages I was hearing and one day I picked up a pen and I started writing. Every time I would write, I found my focus was about living life on purpose.

The Difference Between Love and Approval

Approval comes from the ego, every single time. When you approve of someone or something or the direction that the country is going in, or whatever it may be, it is because that is what you yourself would have chosen. Approval is when your intellectual opinion coincides with something that you see in the world.

Learning From the Butterfly – Are You Flying Free or in a Dormant State?

I was in Las Vegas with a friend last year and saw a magnificent sight. In the atrium of a hotel was a greenhouse filled with beautiful butterflies and inside the greenhouse was a butterfly keeper, working diligently at what was obviously a very precious task. From a small white box, the keeper would gently remove a little transparent envelope. Then, with a pair of scissors, he’d carefully snip off one end of the envelope and softly shake the contents out into a small shrub on the counter and out fell a butterfly! Sure enough, within moments, the creature would flutter back to life – out of its dormant state – ever so slowly flapping its wings until it had gathered enough strength to fly.

How To Make or Break a Habit

Let’s face it, we all have habits, some good and some bad. Habits are learned behaviors that we’ve picked up somewhere along the way. Most of us have a habit or two we’d like to break, or a habit we’d really like to make as part of our daily routine.

Emotional Intelligence Self Coaching Skills Course

What is intelligence? The ability to grasp an idea or a situation in a structured and systematic manner and deduce about it with reason. What is emotion? The dictionary defines emotion as any strong feeling, like love or anger. So our ability to deal with emotions in an intelligent way is what can be termed as “emotional intelligence”.

Breaking the Poor People Paradigm

Boys don’t cry! That’s what my mother used to tell me when I was a little kid. And actually, I can’t remember when was the last time I did it…the last time I cried.

Managing Inner Conflict

When faced with a trying situation, a tricky encounter or a sticky moment how one acts, the decision one makes or what they choose to do will definitely set course for future. Try to picture a chilling encounter in the wild of this individual locked on by a King Cobra. Do you scream, cry, make a wild dash, strike out or try the power of charm? The individuals colleagues on the same trail if they were to notice early enough would definitely yell out “Don’t move!” In other words be still.

Do You Have Naysayers and Saboteurs in Your Life?

Sometimes you will find that family and friends can get in the way of achieving your dreams and goals in life. Have you ever done this? You tell them, full of excitement, about your dreams, goals and what you want to achieve in life.

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