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Live the NOW?

If you studied eastern philosophies you have come across the idea of living in the now; there is also a great book by Eckhart Tolle, called The Power of Now. If you have not heard of this principle you should read about it. What is living in the NOW? Living in the now is appreciating where you are now in your life and those that are there. Too many times we are so consumed with tomorrow, next month or next year that we do not spend time or appreciate those around us now. We always say tomorrow I’ll take you here, next week we’ll do this, or next year we’ll do it. When you live in the future those that are around you pass you by and you miss out on their love and companionship. If you just took a few minutes out of each day to just be with them you’re life and theirs would be so much better and fulfilling.

The Amazing Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals have amazing healing powers which have been used for thousands of years, from ancient Egypt to the present day individuals have used them for healing not only the body, but the mind, emotions and even the environment. The healing power of crystals has been documented around the world. Read on to find out why.

The Value of Giving – The Value of Earning

At one time to receive help, or a hand out, was considered by the receiver to be the last option, a lowering in a person’s personal honor. They loved to earn their own way in life and to be able to hold their head high and say, “I earned that! I worked hard to get that!” Today receiving a hand out is felt my many as their due, as if they are owed something for nothing. They live their lives by the mercy of others and have no self respect or personal honor. Everyone at time or another needs help and there is no loss of respect for that, but the days of maintaining your honor by paying back or giving back are gone for most people. To many people feel it is their right to be taken care of, to sit at home and do nothing for the money they receive. They don’t take classes to learn a new trade or skill, they do not look or want a job, all they want is to be taken care of.

How Project Management Books Can Improve Your Way of Life

Project management, as the name suggests, is the discipline or approach to create strategies and manage resources in order to see the successful completion of a task. A project management professional is much needed and wanted in companies, owing to the fact that these individuals essentially serve as the strategic planners in the workplace. It’s no wonder why there are so many project management books available in the market today, because a lot of people want to know how to be successful in how they will be able to organize projects that they are involved with.

Get Up, Stand Up, and Reach for Your Goals in Life With Self-Help Books

If you feel down and out and you think you are just going around in circles with your career, there are two things that you can do. One is you can just grab a rusty razor and slit your wrist or you can stop focusing on your problems and start thinking about solutions. Seriously, instead of contemplating about things on how you can escape your problems in life, you can think of the possibilities that can opt for to get yourself off the pit. One of the most popular and effective ways that you can take to help you make your life more successful is by reading books on success.

Finding Your Life Purpose: Live Your Dreams

The vast majority of people don’t think it’s possible to ever find their purpose in life. This isn’t true, in fact your life purpose may be staring you straight in the face. Read this article today to find out your purpose!

A Better You: A Guide to Finding Self-Help Books

If you have a problem, any problem at all, there are sure to be self-help communication books out there that aim to give you a solution. Just go to your local book store and you’ll find more than a handful offering solutions to any problem there is.

The Righting of Imbalances

The nature of healing is the righting of imbalances. This article talks about how we and the earth are always seeking balance and how even without our conscious effort, imbalances start to right themselves. Balance is our natural state of being, but we would all be benefited by bringing more consciousness to the balancing act.

Recovering From Setbacks

When you have a setback you get a rush of thoughts and emotions, you try everything to stop them but they keep flooding in. How do you get back into the good space again?

Skepticism and Self-Confidence

Merriam-Webster defines skepticism as doubt or disbelief something is true; and skepticism is the destroyer of self-confidence. When you have doubt in your abilities or the truth of the powers you possess you doubt yourself and weaken your self-confidence. Skepticism destroys your self-progress and slows your progress in life. Where does skepticism come from, where does it begin? It begins with you as a thought in your mind. Thoughts are the purest and highest form of energy there is and is capable of achieving anything. The thoughts you hold within your mind is the deciding factor whether you live or die, love or hate, kill or heal, or generally succeed or fail. Thoughts are behind every success and every failure; have successful and positive thoughts you succeed, have fearful or negative thoughts and you fail. The number one cause of failure and poverty in the world is fear. Fear cripples people, freezes then where they stand, immobilize them and even self-sabotage their lives.

Having a Near-Life Experience?

It’s easy to have a near-life experience. All you have to do is keep doing repetitive and derivative actions, a checklist, every day. Derivative meaning based on what other people do; what you’ve seen before. Repetitive meaning you’ve done it before. But there is another way.

If You Feel Tired All the Time, Take a Look at What Motivates You to Do the Things You Do

Spiritual Insight from the Story of The Little Prince – Where does your motivation come from? You hear people urging, “Get motivated!” And there are all kinds of tricks you can use to develop a degree of motivation.

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